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Apex Friendship Elementary School, opening August 2022


April 22, 2022


From Dr. Gamble


I hope everyone is doing well.  Thank you to all those who have filled out the survey below and to those who will be joining us in person next Wednesday.  We currently have 53 people registered.  Please let us know you are coming if you haven’t registered yet.


I would like to answer some frequently asked questions from some of my communications and the survey results.


Will the building be open on time?


Yes!  There has been a lot of progress made recently.  They are working three shifts, 6 days a week.  The building will be complete.


Is the school staffed?


My administrative team and I have interviewed over 125 people at this point.  We have all of our classroom teachers hired.  We have a few more positions open for assistants and still have a few other positions to hire for.  We are in great shape!


What about the logistics of arrival/dismissal and walking to school?


I’ve already been meeting with the principals at AF middle and high schools to discuss this and put a plan in place.  We are working with the Town of Apex as well to look at the crosswalk.  Stay tuned.  It is my plan to release several videos that demonstrate exactly how arrival and dismissal procedures will work.


How can the three schools partner together?


There is a lot of energy and excitement around this.  We are starting to work on this, but we will also be mindful that we can’t do everything and do it well all in the first year.


What will the Specials be?


Art, Music, PE, and Media.  There will likely be more.  Only Magnet schools are able to offer a Foriegn Language special.


Student Sessions with Dr. Gamble


I am currently scheduling short meet and greets with students at Baucom, Scott’s Ridge, Olive Chapel, and Salem beginning May 5.  School staff and I are coordinating these events.  I will be introducing myself and sharing some pictures of the school.  I will also take some questions from students.  Please note: These four schools are where the majority of our students are coming from.  I am not able to visit other schools.  There will be other opportunities in the summer for students to gather.  If your child does not know they are attending AFES, please tell them prior to my visit.


We want to hear from you!


You have two options for participating in visioning for AFES.

You are invited to share your responses on this survey:


On Wednesday, April 27 at 6:00pm you are invited to come to the Apex Friendship Middle School Media Center for an input session.  Dr. Gamble will welcome everyone and share some brief words.  The majority of the time will be spent in small groups dialoguing with the same questions presented in the survey.

Please register for this event here:


Save the Date for Open House


Friday, August 26 will be an exciting day in the life of our new school community.

Please make note of this date and expect more specific information to be shared in the future.  


School Supply Lists


Grade level lists will be available on the AFES website by the end of May.


School Calendar


The 2022-2023 school calendar can be found at


Before/After School


The Kraft Family YMCA is excited to offer Before and After School programs on-site at Apex Friendship Elementary school. The school programs include a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, active games, plenty of outside time, character development, and positive role models. Registration for Before and After School can be completed at beginning soonl. Parents will have the option to register for the whole year or by individual weeks (dependent on availability). Applications for financial assistance are available HERE. Question? Contact Katherine Vance, Kraft Associate of Youth Programs, at


Dr. Tanner Gamble


Apex Friendship Elementary School



Phone number: 919-694-8454

Twitter: @AFESStars