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Inaugural Nighthawk Family EdCamp, Click Here for More Info!

Similar to a Curriculum Night with more choice for families!


All sessions will be presented by our incredibly talented staff and will include a variety of interests to differentiate for the needs of our school community. When you arrive Tuesday, you will receive an agenda with session names, times, and locations. You will be able to attend 3 sessions of your choice. All sessions will be recorded so if you can't make it to all sessions of your interest, you can join us on October 17th and/or watch the recording. Access to the presentations and recordings will be made available to all families.


Sessions include


*Nighthawk Vision 2023-24 and the Nighthawk Team's Focus (Circles, Zones, Medicine Wheel to promote SEL in Middle School)

*Knowing and Understanding the Texts Utilized in 6th-8th Grade ELA Classes ; Annotating a Text /Gist Statements

*Building Partnerships for Student Growth/ Navigating Exceptional Education in Middle School

*Canvas en Español ¿Cómo puedo ayudar a mi hijo a estudiar y someter sus trabajos en Canvas? Spanish Session

*The Academically and Intellectually Gifted Student


*Healthful Living in the Middle School Setting (Student Work Samples and Interactive Games)

*Learn More About Computer Science and Minecraft in Middle School )

*The Positivity Project at Herbert Akins Rd MS

*Attendance/Attendance Law/McKinney Vento/Local Resources

*Everything EOG and STAR Math Data!

*Anxiety/Mental Health and How Best to Support Your Student

*Math Thinking Tasks

*Science Curriculum Unpacked: 6th-8th Grade Vertical Alignment and Student Learning Expectations

*FLIGHT Time and After School Clubs

*6 Characteristics of a Civilization (G.R.A.P.E.S.) Applied in a Civilization/Country

*Progress monitoring- How you can monitor your child’s progress

*Navigating Canvas as Your Student's Learning Management Platform

*Preparing your Nighthawk for Athletic Try-outs

*7th & 8th Grade SOS, Human Trafficking, Reproductive Health Lessons

*Family Engagement for Academic Success! Spanish: Compromiso Familiar para el Exito Académico!