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Principal's Weekly Message 5-12

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson, principal at Centennial Campus Center for Innovation with your weekly message. This message can be found on our website along with our Learning Snapshot.

Thank you for all of those that reached out to celebrate and honor our teaching staff at Centennial Campus this past week for Teacher Appreciation. We are grateful to serve our community and your gratitude matters. We also thank everyone that came to celebrate our students at the Night of eXcellence this past Thursday evening.

Please read carefully to the following information in preparation for our End of Grade testing beginning this week.

All students are expected to bring their laptop and cords tomorrow, Monday. This will allow any updates that need to be made before testing begins. Students will have their laptops returned after testing is complete.

I also want to encourage you to speak with your student to understand that NO CELLPHONES can be on their person during testing. If students choose to have their cell phone on test days, know they will need to have a bag to keep the cell phone put away in. Parents know that if you have an emergency and need to reach your child, know that you can call our front office at 919-233-4217.

Also note that on the days that your child will be testing, they cannot be checked out until they are done with testing. While many students choose to leave after testing, they cannot do so until the official end of testing has been noted. Typically, that is between 11:00 and noon on our normal test days.

Another reminder to students is to be prepared for any temperature in their testing site. We encourage our students to bring a sweatshirt for any potential chill they may have.

For your knowledge, seventh and eighth grade students will begin testing on Thursday, May 16th and our sixth graders will begin on Monday, May 20th. To help our students feel confident and comfortable, it is important that our students are attending school daily and especially on these testing dates.

And finally, please be sure to get your student to school on time and especially on testing day. Students that are late might miss the beginning of testing and will have to participate in make up testing on the final days of school.

Remember that we will communicate with families whose students are eligible for the re-administration testing that will take place on May 28th and 29th. A letter and phone call will come after your student has completed testing.


Thank you for your support of Centennial Campus Magnet where curiosity drives innovation.  Have a great week!