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July 22, 2022


Dear Turner Creek Families, 


Happy Friday to you all.  We kicked off our first fundraiser of the year this week with Track 1-3 students.  Each student came home with a Go Play Save book.  These books contain coupons to locations all over the surrounding area.  Make sure you either send in money to pay for the book or send the book back to school.  This is a great way to support our PTA, our school, and local businesses.  


Our first early release day of the 22-23 school year will be this week on Thursday, July 28.  Students will dismiss at 1:45 pm.  As a reminder, our Kindergarten through 5th grade teachers are required to take the LETRS training to maintain their teaching liscense.  The amount of work required for this course is equivalent to a master level course.  While the early release days are not sufficient to allow teachers the time to complete this work, it is one way the county is working to support our teachers.  This school year, will be sharing more about the LETRS professional development teachers are receiving and how caregivers can continue to support their children's literacy growth.


After receiving feedback from our Multi Linual community, we have decided to no longer translate weekly Principal messages.  If you need any translation support, please contact Paula Prohaska at


If you need anything at all, you can reply to this email or email me directly at 


22-23 Year-Round Calendar


Early release days are returning this year.  Please mark your calendars!  


**New Announcements**


Save the Date for our First Family Enagement Nights of the School Year

August 11: Tracks 1&2

September 8: Tracks 3&4



View your student’s Individual Student Report for EOG/EOC assessments


Individual Student Reports (ISRs) for students who took an EOG, EOC or NCExtend1 assessment this past spring are currently being processed.


Parents of students who took tests while in elementary school (grades 3-5) will receive their child’s ISRs in the mail. These reports should arrive in late July or early August.


Free breakfast and lunch for students eligible for free and reduced meals


In 2022-23, breakfast and lunch will now be free to students who are eligible for reduced-price meals. We will credit the accounts of reduced-price eligible students who purchased meals since the start of the 2022-23 school year. Families can still apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits online at or pick up a paper application at school.



Positivity Project


Please see below for more information on the Character Strengths students have been learning about at school.




Curiosity means you like exploration and discovery. You ask lots of questions because you want to learn more about anything and everything.


Curiosity is a crucial component of one’s character. Our innate urge for discovery and exploration is a key element of our human desire for wisdom and knowledge. It’s what keeps us intrigued in the plotlines of movies and books. It’s what pushes us to try new activities or travel to different places. All individuals experience curiosity but differ in their willingness to experience it -- behaviorally, intellectually, and emotionally.


Individuals with the character strength of curiosity are more likely to ask questions and try new things. Curiosity, then, is a form of courage. Asking questions exposes the fact that we don’t know and trying a new activity means we might fail. But, it’s only through asking questions and exploring new opportunities that we learn and grow. 


To practice and encourage the character strength of curiosity with your child, please visit the Positivity Project’s P2 for Families (password: P2) where together you will watch a video, read a quote and talk about the answers to three questions.


Team Work


Teamwork means you work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal, reliable, and dedicated to helping your team achieve its goals. 


Teamwork is the ability and willingness to place overall group success as a higher priority than individual achievement. Those who demonstrate strengths in teamwork often work to help all group members find success. These individuals are willing to commit time and resources in order to further group goals and help toward the greater good.


For individuals, teamwork often means deferring or delaying individual accomplishments in order to ensure that the group maintains a high level of success. Their commitment to the larger group effort makes them good teammates. The positive feelings associated with being part of a larger whole -- can be highly beneficial and combat selfishness and egotism.


To practice and encourage the character strength of teamwork with your child, please visit the Positivity Project’s P2 for Families (password: P2), where together you will watch a video, read a quote, and talk about the answers to three questions.


Turner Creek Elementary 2022-23 First Annual Fundraiser has started! 


GoPlaySave coupon books are a great and simple way for our school to earn some money and this year there are fabulous prizes to win! Books were sent home Tuesday for tracks 1,2 and 3.  


We hope you can join us in this community-participating fundraiser for TCE!


Staff’s Favorite Things (Linked)


I ask staff to share their favorite things so we can show them we care throughout the year.  


2022-2023 Caregiver/Student Handbook (Linked)


Please bookmark our handbook.  It will be a “first stop” as you have questions about the everyday operations at Turner Creek.  This handbook will always be in “draft” form as we are in a world where change is the new norm.  I hope it will be a good resource for you and your family. 


Upcoming Events


Thursday July 28: Track out day for Track 3, Early Release Day - Students Dismiss at 1:45 pm on Early Release Days this year


Friday July 29: First Day of School for Track 4 students, Staggered Entry for Track 4 Kindergarten students


Friday August 5: Tree Frog Tea for Kindergarten families at 9:30 am


Thursday August 11: Track 2 Family Engagement Night 6 - 7:30 pm 


Take Care,

Kristin Small, Principal