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Governor Roy Cooper Visits Moore Square

On Monday, November 18, 2019 the North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE) held its annual meeting in the Moore Square Magnet Middle School gymnasium which was highlighted with a visit from Governor Roy Cooper.


Prior to the meeting from 10:00 to 10:45 members of the NCBCE volunteered in 26 classrooms. They were greeted by student ambassadors who escorted the teams of volunteers to classrooms where all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students participated in lessons with a business focus. Lessons included hands on activities, such as taking apart computers and examining the parts, computer coding using Ozobots, listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds on a manikin, building Lego structures, and playing various simulation games. Following the learning experience, volunteers joined other NCBCE members in the gym for the NCBCE annual luncheon meeting of about 150 NCBCE members and invited guests including many Moore Square teachers and administrators. The Jazz Band led by Mr. Byrd and the African Percussion elective students led by Ms. Bumsted performed during lunch. During the meeting Dr. Jordan facilitated a panel discussion on stage reflecting on the morning volunteer sessions and the value of business partnerships in schools. The six-member panel included Moore Square students Cece Accerno, Erica Allen, and Everett Tate and teachers Karina Covington, Josh Hunter, and administrative intern, Linwaun Fulton. Student Council President, Jonah Yinger introduced Governor Roy Cooper who spoke to the assembly and afterwards, walked through the school meeting and greeting students and teachers in the lobby, media center, and cafeteria.


It was an exciting and memorable day for Moore Square and we are grateful to the NCBCE for providing engaging learning experiences for our students and allowing Moore Square to host the event that included a visit from the Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper!                   


 Student looking at computer parts Students playing game
2 students playing a game Jazz Band
2 students playing African Drums Discussion Panel
Student Council President introducing Governor  Governor Cooper & Jonah
Governor Cooper in the Cafe Governor Cooper & Student Ambassadors
Governor Cooper shakes hands with Ms. Ferguson Governor Cooper speaks to students in cafe