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Science Olympiad Tournament Success for Moore Square Teams

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Moore Square students took part in the Science Olympiad Tournament held at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. Led by sixth grade science teacher, Josh Hunter, with help from dedicated parents and PTSA support, two Moore Square teams participated--a Varsity team of 18 students and a Junior Varsity team of 18 students. Teams have been preparing for months during and after school for this competition, and after a full day of events in a variety of academic disciplines, teamwork paid off with the following results.


2nd place JV Boomilever: Joe Ackerson & Icem Brinkley

3rd place JV Duct Tape Challenge: Cooper Carrozza & Andres Guzman

2nd place JV Solar System: Wyatt Baker & Nathaniel Christie

3rd place JV Thermodynamics: Emily Cineus & William Almeida

1st place JV Write It, Do It: Emily Cineus & Brooke Davis

4th place JV Battery Buggy: Nathaniel Christie, Joshua Christie

4th place JV Density Lab: Joe Ackerson & Will Almeida

4th place JV Disease Detectives: Cooper Carrozza & Eden Thompson

9th place V Thermodynamics: Mykel Evans & Wyatt Cannon

4th place JV Dynamic Planet: Charlie Fairchilds & Sarah Cook

4th place JV Fossils: Eden Thompson & Brooke Davis

6th place V Dynamic Planet: Andrew Remy & Tate Holste

5th place V Elasic Launched Glider: Sofia Young & Jake Hansen

7th place V Herpertology: Calleigh Freeman & Mykel Evans

6th place V Meteorology: Reese Culbreth & Nicholas Melomo

6th place V Ping Pong Parachute: Carter Hinds

6th place V Road Scholar: Reese Culbreth & Tate Holste

4th place V Roller Coaster: Jake Woodard & Alexis Wilder

4th place V Solar System: Carter Hinds & Derean Simmons

8th place V Battery Buggy: Nicholas Melomo

5th place JV Water Quality: Noah Joo & Sarah Cook

5th place JV Roller Coaster: Noah Joo & Wyatt Cannon

7th place V Heredity: Sofia Young & Lily Cassidy

8th place V Boomilever: Andrew Remy & Lexi Wilder

7th place V Density Lab: Andrew Remy & Jake Woodard

5th place V Write It Do It: Jake Hansen & Ashley O’Kon


Science Olympiad Crowd Science Olympiad team Science Olympiad Disease Detective Team
Science Olympiad Student Science Olympiad Student Mr. Hunter and Dr. Jordan, Principal
Science Olympiad Student Science Olympiad Student & parent Science Olympiad Students with Mr. Hunter
Science Olympiad Student & parents Mr. Hunter with trophy