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2019 Spelling Bee at Moore Square on January 9

Wednesday, January 9 was the school-wide Spelling Bee at Moore Square. Classroom spelling bees were held in December to determine the 30 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who participated. The contest began at 7:45 am and lasted until about 9:30. WRAL-TV Meterologist Elizabeth Gardner served as the Pronouncer and judges were Marilyn Ospina Kingsley, Natalie Peterson, and Sarah Skinner. Spelling Bee coordinators were Assistant Principal, Brooke Depinto and Instructional Facilitator, Karen Poindexter who worked with Moore Square PTSA Bee Advisor, Andrea Osborne. The Moore Square PTSA provided financial and volunteer support to make this event possible and a wonderful success. 

And the winners were: 1st Place: sixth grader Kyler Prince-Cohee, 2nd Place: eighth grader Cordelia McKelvy, 3rd Place: sixth grader Alex Gilliland, and 4th Place: seventh grader Sophie Lassiter. 

These are the 30 participants

Tristan Blackwell 

Zack Bowen 

Icem Brinkley 

Logan Chavis 

Alex Gilliland 

Stella Hallberg 

Maya Hardison 

Tate Holste 

Solomon Jackson 

Bubacarr Jallow 

Salla Jallow 

Noah Joo 

Charlie Kearse 

Jonathan Kroart 

Sophie Lassiter 

Anthony Mante 

Campbell Marchant 

Cordelia McKelvy 

Porter Neiley 

Lily Penrose 

Noah Pinkham 

Avery Prince-Cohee 

Kyler Prince-Cohee 

Chad Ridoutt 

Emani Shareef-Horton 

Alyssa Sheppa 

Cooper Siwierka 

Peyton Smith 

Ayden Welton 

Jillian Yinger