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Four Women Scientists Visit Moore Square

Erika Neave, Tamara Poles, Kandace Thomas and Zayna King are women scientists and part of the Inspiring Meaningful Programs and Communication Through Science (IMPACTS) program at UNC’s Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.  This is a state-wide public science communication training and outreach initiative created to connect scientists to the people of North Carolina. 

The panel of scientists included:

  • Zayna King is a third year graduate student in the department of Cell Biology and Physiology at UNC Chapel Hill.
  • Erika Neave is in Marine Science.
  • Tamara Poles is the Community Engagement Specialist at the Morehead Planetarium & Science Center. She leads the IMPACTS program and organizes the annual Science Festival an initiative of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.
  • Kandace Thomas is pursuing her PhD at UNC Chapel Hill and will graduate in 2020.

Set up in the media center, the panel shared their experiences with students from Moore Square science electives. Ms. Everett's "My American Women," Ms. Kemp's "Genetics," and Mr. Hunter's "Astronomy" students participated and listened as the team of women scientists shared experiences, inspirational obstacles, and projects they are currently working on in their field. All questions for the panel were student-generated followed by an Q&A session for the audience in the final minutes of the 50-minute program.

Ms. Erica Everett, who teaches the "My American Women" invited the panel which was created so that students from American Women and science classes could hear about the experiences of women in Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics (STEM). 
4 Women Scientists

Panel of 4 Women Scientists


4 women scientists Student speaking with scientists