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Moore Square 7th Grader attends Prosthetic Engineering Camp at NCSU

Moore Square Magnet Middle School 7th grader Bella Woodward was one of 30 students selected from 200 applicants to attend the Prosthetics Engineering Camp at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in June 2018. Bella, who would like to make prosthetic limbs for animals someday, practiced basic trigonometry and calculus skills to design and construct a prosthetic hand which was printed in the 3D printer. She learned science concepts related to joints and biomechanics and got to visit various labs at NCSU including the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Lab. 

Student at NCSU summer camp  

Robotic hand NCSU summer camp

Robotic hand Bella was helping to assemble.

3D Printer with prosthetic hand designed by Moore Square Student

Bella's hand design being printed on 3D printer.

Students at VR/AR lab at NCSU

Bella and others at the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Lab at NCSU.