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School Messenger Announcement Sent 12/01/20


Good afternoon, Moore Square Families! 

As we move into colder mornings, we wanted to send all of our families a reminder that students with temperatures reading 100.4 or higher are not permitted to attend school. If a student's reading is 100.4, we will wait 5 minutes and then conduct a second temperature check. If the second temperature is lower than 100.4, we will then take a third reading. If the third reading is lower, we'll permit students to enter the building. If two out of the three readings are 100.4 or higher, we are not able to allow our students to attend school.

Some families have expressed concern that the thermometer readings may be affected by the car heating system, especially on cold mornings when car heaters are on high settings. With that in mind, you may want to adjust your car's heat setting and/or have your student remove their outer layer a few minutes prior to arriving on campus. If you have any questions about our temperature checks, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For your reference, you can also view the school system's complete information guide regarding returning to campus. Specific information about campus health screenings is found on page 9 and information on when students can return to campus after having a temperature of 100.4 or greater is on pages 10-11. 

We appreciate your support and understanding during this unprecedented time. 


Take care and stay safe, 
Dr. Jordan