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WCPSS School Messenger Announcement Sent 10/16/20


Message sent from WCPSS School Messanger 10.16.20 about Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols and Technology Guidance for Return to Campus


Action Needed by Oct. 23: Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols

Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols outlines our expectations for students to strictly follow our required health protocols when on our campuses, as well as possible consequences and processes to address non-compliance. Families and students are asked to complete and sign the acknowledgment page and return it to your school, similar to the signature page for the Student Handbook. 

If a student is unable to comply with the face-covering requirement, a parent or guardian may request an accommodation for their student that is related to the student’s disability or medical needs. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the disability or medical need, the availability of alternative safety measures, and current public health guidance.

  • To request an accommodation, parents or guardians must complete the form and return it, along with supporting documentation, to their school principal. Elementary and middle school families should submit completed accommodation requests by October 23, 2020. High school families have until Dec. 14 to turn in face-covering accommodation requests in preparation for the second semester.
  • Unless a face-covering requirement accommodation request form has been approved, all students are required to adhere to WCPSS Face Covering Requirements.


Technology Guidance for Return to Campus
Upon returning to in-person learning, our schools will have limited technology available to students on campus as most devices have been checked out to students for remote learning. While in school, students with a WCPSS device should plan to bring their device (and charger) to and from school. While at home, students will continue to work remotely using their personal devices or the devices provided by WCPSS.

Please read over the Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols document and return a signed copy of the last page, stating you acknowledge that you have received and understand the expectations outlined, to Mrs. DiBlasi (