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Announcement Sent 8/26/20: Full Day Scheduling Information


Good Afternoon Families,


Thank you for a wonderful two weeks of orientation to Moore Square! We hope that you are all getting acquainted with our staff, learning platforms, and new technology and thank you for your grace, patience and support as we continue to navigate the virtual learning environment.


Tomorrow begins our “regular” full-day instruction. Teachers will begin to dive into content and students will be engaged in 5-6 total hours of learning each day. The 5-6 hours includes a minimum of 2 ½ - 3 hours of live (synchronous Google Meet) instruction and the remainder of the time will be independent work (asynchronous) learning for students. Students will log-on to their live instruction at the beginning of each period for approximately 25 minutes. The remaining class time will be for students to complete independent work. As we move forward with instruction, this time may include some small group time with a teacher, opportunities to pop back into a Google meet for questions, and/or independent work time. If it works better for your family, you can even build this asynchronous portion of the period in at another time during your day. 


Example: Student A

1st period: Mr. Hunter (science)

2nd period: Mrs. Rice (math)


Student A would log into Mr. Hunter (m2hunter) at 7:30 for 25 minutes of live instruction. The remaining time Mr. Hunter may give an independent assignment related to the work for students to complete. Student A would then log back into Mrs. Rice (m2rice) at 8:24 to complete the 25 minutes of live instruction. This pattern would continue throughout the day.


*One exception: Fifth Period is only 25 minutes on the schedule. This is correct! The district requires each school to include an hour lunch block in the schedule. In order to meet this requirement and fit in all 7 periods of our day, 5th period is only scheduled for the 25 minutes live Google Meet. Students can certainly use 25 minutes out of the hour lunch break to complete any independent work OR complete that work at a later time. 


Thanks again for the amazing support, grace, and patience you have shown us. We have truly been blown away and are so excited to work with all of you this year!


 Click here for a copy of our daily schedule to print.


-6th Grade Team

Moore Square Magnet Middle School