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Weekly Update 7/30/20 Facebook Live with Ms. Shepard

Facebook Live Transcript from Ms. Shepard 7.30.20



Hi everyone! Some of you may already recognize me from my days at Brooks Elementary, but I am now the new magnet coordinator at Moore Square. I’m very excited to see so many familiar faces and names as we have started to plan for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m going to go ahead and apologize because when I get excited, I talk really fast and use my hands a lot...which is totally a teacher thing. But there’s just nothing more exciting to me than school and my job!


Let me start by saying let’s all take a deep breath! I know this time can be stressful, but I’ll be the first to let you all know that it is all going to be ok. I know there are still a lot of questions about what this school year is going to look like and I’ll go ahead and say I have no new updates for you right now. We’re still waiting on virtual academy numbers and schedules to be finalized. I will say, we’ll continue to keep our main website and social media platforms updated with the same information so choose the avenue that works best for your family and at least check it once a week.  


Ok, so now on to the fun stuff! I grew up in Greensboro which is about an hour west of here. I went to Appalachian State for my undergrad. Like I said earlier, I was a former special education teacher at Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary. Then, I decided to start grad school and get my Masters in School Administration. While doing that, I completed my admin internship at a magnet elementary school in Fuquay-Varina. I fell in love with that community, so I ended up staying there for three years. But I do live in Raleigh, so when I saw the magnet coordinator position open up at Moore Square, I knew I had to at least interview! My interview was virtual but still just like this serendipitous moment where I felt like all the stars aligned. I had a connection in some way with each and everyone on the team and I knew it was going to be a great new home. 


So as your magnet coordinator, you will see me serving in many different capacities. I’m still learning our school building and the nuances of middle school so if I ever look lost, just point me in the right direction. A large part of what I do is communicate with teachers and parents (past, present, and future) to help grow our program. Whether that’s giving tours to prospective families or working with our PTSA, I may be asking for feedback on things or taking pictures of events. I’m just in a little bit of everything! 


Please don't ever hesitate to reach out with questions because if I don't know the answer for you, I will find it!


With gratitude,

Lauren (