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Weekly Message 7/16/20 Facebook Live with Mr. Squires

Facebook Live Transcript from Mr. Squires 7.16.20



Good afternoon Moore Square Families, 


Thank you for joining us for our weekly Facebook Live.  As always, it is a pleasure to spend this time with our families and to share available information with you.  By now you may have heard that the Governor is officially allowing school districts to open with both in-person and remote learning with key safety precautions to protect the health of our students, teachers, staff, and families. This is the Plan B that you may have heard us talk about previously.  So, what does this look like for students?  Under Plan B, families continue to have the choice of full online learning in the Virtual Academy or the blended learning model.  Students who participate in the Virtual Academy will experience all learning online. These students will not come to campus.  The registration window for Virtual Academy is open now until Monday, July 20th at 5pm. There will be a virtual open house featuring information about the new WCPSS Virtual Academy today from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  The virtual open house will take place on the Wake County Youtube channel.  It will also be archived for your review at a later time.     In the Plan B blended learning model, students will be assigned to groups (1, 2 or 3).  These groups will be created at the district level.   Siblings will be in the same groups. Groups will attend school in an ongoing rotation by attending school in person for one week and receiving online instruction for two weeks.  


There are two documents provided by the district which are a great resource for understanding Virtual Academy and Blended Learning.  Both of these documents may be accessed on our school website.  On our main page, you will find “Update for the 20-21 school year”.  When you click the link you will find links for both the Virtual Academy and the “Return to Campus Guide for Families”.  The Return to Campus Guide for Families is a very important document as it details safety protocols for transportation, health and safety in the building, masks, limited visitors, handwashing and sanitizing.  Please refer to this document as a first resource to answer questions about safety.  


 As we move closer to the opening of school we know there are many questions.  There has been a great deal of questions about scheduling and electives for both Virtual Academy and for Blended Learning.  Let me address electives -  Our understanding is that the Virtual Academy will have limitations and one may be that it may not be possible to provide students with the full menu of electives they have at their assigned school. We are currently planning to provide electives for Plan B, but the details about how many and how often are still to be determined and will depend on staffing resources and schedule requirements that are issued from the district.


As for schedules - we know some families may be able to see their schedules online.  We are asking for everyone’s patience as these schedules may change based on attendance and numbers.  Please allow time for us to review and make changes to schedules after the district creates the student groups for school based on Virtual Academy numbers.  


In order to answer as many questions as possible, the Moore Square administration has created an FAQ document to capture these questions and to provide responses.  The FAQ document will be posted on our website and the link will be posted in the comments tonight. Please note that this document will likely evolve over time as we continue to receive district guidance and guidelines.  We also plan to send information for accessing the document through the school messenger.  


We recognize that our rising 6th grade families may have additional questions as you enter a new school during this unique time. Unfortunately, we will be unable to host our usual in-person Mountain Lion Climb (6th grade orientation) as originally planned for July 23. In lieu of this event, the 6th grade team has been hard at work on a Remote orientation for our 6th grade families that will provide much of the same information. Details on how to access this site will be sent to the 6th grade Remind group by Monday, July 20. Please plan to check it out between  July 20 and August 3 to better prepare for the start of school. If you need to be added to this group please email Josh Hunter at We are also working on a virtual orientation option for new 7th/8th grade families and will share details about this in the coming days.


Lastly, what can you do to prepare for the coming school year?  Currently the district is actively at work developing the curriculum and instructional plans for learning for the Virtual Academy, Face to Face Learning in school, as well as for remote learning when students rotate out of school.  The best plan is to stay informed.  Continue to use the Moore Square site and the WCPSS website for updates.  These are the best resources and should provide the most accurate information. 


Thank you all for participating in the Live event.  Let me again remind everyone of the Virtual Open House that begins at 5:30.  We will close early to allow everyone time to access the WCPSS YouTube channel.  


Have a good evening!