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Weekly Message 7/2/20 Facebook Live with Dr. Jordan

Facebook Live Transcript from Dr. Jordan 7.2.20

7.2.20 Weekly Message

 Hello Moore Square Families. I’ve missed you. As you know we expected the Governor to announce yesterday the opening plan for the 2020-21 school year. Understandably, the continued changes with the virus led to a delay. That being said, WCPSS has created three plans based on the Governor’s directive and today the District took PLAN B to the Board for approval. 


Today, you will receive an email with a comprehensive description of PLAN B. Wake leaders used feedback from parents, teachers, students and members of the community to create the plan. Surveys, Board Advisory Council Meetings, and work with NCAE representatives helped the district create a plan that was responsive to the needs of our students and responsive to concerns and priorities held by all members of our school community. 


I urge each of you to take time to review the RETURN TO SCHOOL document. While many of the details have yet to be determined, this document will give you an idea of what to expect when students come back to school in August. 


Under our plan, students attending school will be assigned to one of three groups. Students will come into school for one week and have two weeks of virtual learning remotely. This will allow us to have reduced capacity and maintain the necessary safety protocols within the school building needed to keep students and teachers safe. Siblings will be assigned to the same groups. 


Wake County has also created a Virtual Academy option. Families opting to take advantage of the Virtual Academy will receive all their instruction online through a common online platform. The daily schedule and grading for students taking advantage of the Virtual Academy will be similar to that of peers who are attending school. The sessions will be a blend of recorded lessons and live instruction. More details about the Virtual Academy option will go out on July 6 and the application for students to apply will be available July 13. 


Both the Virtual Academy and students attending school in person will be different from what we experienced in the spring. Looking forward students will be held to the district based grading policy. Attendance will be taken. Students will use district supported learning tools, materials and texts. Students will receive appropriate support services such as students who have IEPs, 504 plans, students who receive AIG, ESL and Intervention services. 


There will also be steps taken to make sure that we are responsive to the social and emotional needs of our children. Our school counselors, our school psychologist and our school social worker will be available to offer this support. 


Finally, an effort will be made to continue the focus on relationships which Moore Square has been known for. It will no doubt be a challenge, especially for our new families just joining us, but we know that our connections are a huge part of what makes our school so special. We will all be thinking about ways that we can continue to build and maintain the close connections that we have treasured so much in the past. Although they will be different, we all know how important they are and we must continue to make this a priority. 


I have talked with many families about their concerns for how the school will ensure the health and safety of their children upon their return. I am extremely impressed with the level of detail and thoroughness included in the Board’s plan to address this. These steps also involve things to do at home before sending your child to school. They start with health screenings, including questionnaires, attestations, and temperature checks. Students will be required to wear face coverings. There will be established guidelines for social distancing and signage to guide this located throughout the building. Students will be given instruction for hand washing. There will be hand sanitizer stations located in the building. School custodians will be cleaning and disinfecting the campus throughout the day. Schools will be limiting visitors. Students will not use water fountains but be asked to bring a water bottle from home. When riding the bus, students will ride only one to a seat unless they are with a family member. Touch points on our buses will be cleaned after each bus run and in between their morning and afternoon runs. Our cafeteria staff will follow guidelines established by the USDA, OSHA, NCDHHS and NCDPI. Students will still have access to great food but all the meals will be individually packaged. No decisions have been made yet about extra curricular activities or athletics but for now field trips are suspended. We are committed to doing all we can to keep all members of the school community safe. 


I realize this is a great deal of information and I am sure that you, like me, have many questions. I may not have answers for you, but as always, your Moore Square Administrative Team are here. If we can’t answer your questions, we can try to find the answers. If there are no answers yet, we can commit to get them to you as quickly as they become available. 


All of us were hopeful that by now things would be back to normal and we would be buzzing with excitement about coming back to school in our “normal” way. I’m grateful for the District for the hard work they have done to create a plan that can serve us until we are able to resume regular schooling. We want our students to return to school. This plan creates a way for us to do that safely. 


Your children may have a wide range of emotions upon hearing the news of this new mode of schooling. They have been through a lot already. I am including some tips from the District publication that can assist you when trying to determine how to talk to your child about this ongoing situation with the virus. I hope that by returning to school, we can provide them with new experiences to help offset all that they are facing each day as a result of the reality of the COVID virus. I look forward to giving them other things to occupy their thinking and giving them something to look forward to. It won’t be the same, but you know our Moore Square teachers. I know they, and I, all of us, will do our best to make the 2020-21 school year a different year, but a great year nonetheless. I for one am looking forward to seeing them and reconnecting with you. Please take care!

  1. Share age-appropriate information with students and correct misinformation. 
  2. Reassure children that they are safe and that adults are working to keep them safe.
  3. Emphasize ways children and families can be “germ-busters” and reduce the spread of illness. Try to keep routines as normal as possible. 
  4. Limit the amount of exposure to television and social media regarding COVID-19.