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WCPSS Student Device Program


2022-2023 school year update

10/17/22 There are 5 students that are eligible for chromebooks but we have not received them yet.  LRMS gets two courier deliveries per week - Mondays and Thursdays.  Mrs. Nelson will make every effort to get the devices out as quickly as possible once they arrive. 

  • There were 38 devices delivered on 9/15/22. Yay!
  • There were 9 devices delivered on 9/22.  
  • There was 1 device delivered on 9/26.
  • There were 17 devices delivered on 10/3.
  • There were 0 devices delivered on 10/6.
  • There were 3 delivered on 10/17/22.
  • Next delivery is 10/20/22.


In the meantime, there are classroom devices that students are offered to use in class if needed.  Thank you for your patience. If you have questions, you can email or call the WCPSS Help Desk at 919-664-5700.  


agreement forms can be found at this link (English)

agreement form (Spanish)

Student Device Terms and Conditions (English)

Student Device Terms and Conditions (Spanish)


Every student in WCPSS is being offered a Lenovo 300E Chromebook.  Every student should send in an agreement form. The student keeps the device until they leave WCPSS or when their loan period ends and a new device is issued.  Loan periods are three to four years.  Students will be notified when their loan period has ended.  

  • Notes: 
    • Parents have a right to refuse the device and provide one for their own student.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to accept the fully supported Student Device that is provided.
    • All student devices will work with district applications, including testing.
    • Personal devices need to come to school each day.
    • Personal devices will not receive tech support from the district.
    • There is no fee to participate in the Student Device Program.
    • There is no fee for the first replacement device during each loan period.
    • The district may issue a fine in certain cases when damage occurs.
    • The district may issue a fine for failure to return a Student Device when required ie. leaving WCPSS, graduation, etc. 


Other notes: 

  • Students should not decorate or alter the device provided by WCPSS in any way.  
  • Lenovo 300E Chromebooks issued from LRMS have one sticker on the device and one on the charger with the students name.    


Student devices that are not functioning because of a defect in the device will be repaired or replaced as needed. Devices that are damaged or lost will be replaced once during the device loan period. Students who experience a second incident of damage or loss will be limited to in-school use of a device only. All families will be expected to sign an agreement acknowledging this and other student expectations.


This video shows students how to take care of their WCPSS issued Chromebook.

Chromebook Filtering Solutions

How to "wipe" a Chromebook - reset if it is having problems.  


Any questions about LRMS/WCPSS Chromebooks should be directed to Lisa Nelson at during the school year. When traditional school is on summer break, please call 919-664-5700 (option 1).  


Any questions about wifi hotspots should be directed to our School Social Worker, Wanda Harris at


Leaving WCPSS? Return your chromebook to your base school.  

Want files from your WCPSS Google account before you go?  Instructions