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Camera On Challenge

camera on challenge

Cameras On Challenge
Remote learning can be so much more engaging when we get to see our student's faces.  We understand that it is not always an option, but on February 8 - 12 let's try to make an extra effort to be "cameras on" as much as possible.  
Want to change your google meet background but don't know how to?  Watch this video.  
If the option is not in your google meet, follow this video to enable it. Thanks Mr. Gaggia for the tips! 
Cameras on:
  • Creates stronger student/teacher connections and engagement
  • Helps students be accountable and stay focused
  • Helps teachers in areas like receiving nonverbal feedback and knowing if students are engaged
  • Creates a more social classroom environment 
LRMS PTSA is teaming up with the teachers to encourage our students to learn with their cameras on!  All LRMS students are invited to take a picture, or a screenshot of themselves in a google meet with their camera on and email/share it with our librarian, Lisa Nelson at 
Each picture a student submits is an entry into a daily drawing for some LRMS swag!  You can send one picture per class period -  so up to 6 entries per day. 
Winners will be drawn each day between  3 and 3:05 PM and posted here and the student will be notified by email.  Ms. Nelson will let you know when you can come by to pick up your prize.    
Thanks for participating!  
  • Monday items: Navy LRMS Tshirt, Gray LRMS Tshirt
    • Congratulations Madeline and Natalie 
  • Tuesday items: LRMS Cinch sack, LRMS Magnet
    • Congratulations Henry and Kylie
  • Wednesday items: Gray LRMS Tshirt, LRMS Magnet
    • Congratulations Jason and Grace
  • Thursday items: LRMS Cinch sack, LRMS Magnet
    • Congratulations Kylie and Natalie
  • Friday items: LRMS Cinch Sack, LRMS Navy Tshirt
    • Congratulations Jonathan and Tyler
(*note: if you win a Tshirt I will be contacting you for a size)
gray tshirt navy tshirt magnet cinch sack