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Guess Who?


School days May 4th - May 29th bitmojis will be posted on Twitter - guess which staff member it is for fun!

The next day we will post the answers to the day before and post more for you to guess.  

Colon   J. Haymore  May 4th: Ms. Colon and Coach Haymore

Smith   Kremer  May 5th: Ms. Smith and Ms. Kremer

teacher    teacher  May 6th: Ms. Burns and Mr. Fogelsonger

Teacher   Teacher  May 7th:  Ms. Britt and Mr. Worthington

Teacher   teacher  May 8th: Ms. Sinor and Ms. Chase

teacher   teacher 26   May 11: Coach Markham and Ms. Maley

teacher   Teacher  May 12: Ms. Gomes and Ms. Leonce

teacher   teacher   May 13: Ms. Wagner and Ms. Peterson

teacher   teacher   May 14:  Ms. Wasilewski and Ms. Brown

teacher   teacher   May 15: Ms. Wilcox and Mr. Ronco

teacher   teacher  May 18:  Ms. Nelson and Ms. Belcastro

teacher   teacher  May 19: Ms. Haymore and Ms. Hieronymus

teacher   teacher   May 20: Ms. Rigsbee and Mr. Hill

teacher   teacher  May 21: Coach Avery and Ms. Ricciuti

teacher   teacher  May 22:  Ms. Kwasniak and Ms. Bauer

teacher   teacher  May 26:  Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Reiss

teacher   teacher  May 27: Ms. Crawford and Ms. Vernon

Teacher   May 28: Ms. Cuccurullo

Teacher   May 29: Ms. Carey