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LRMS Remote Learning


Remote Learning begins on April 13th. 


Device distribution is coming.  WCPSS is distributing Chromebooks to students who need devices for remote learning.  These devices are primarily in WCPSS Elementary Schools.  Since LRMS does not have any Chromebooks in our inventory, we have to wait for our supply to arrive from other schools before we can set a date and time for distribution. Stay tuned!


UNC-TV/NC DPI Television At-Home Learning  Each weekday, two blocks of programs on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel will serve students: fourth through eighth grade, from 8 AM-1 PM, and ninth through twelfth grade, from 1-6 PM (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here).  These educational program blocks are available on the North Carolina Channel, available statewide for free over-the-air, through cable providers and streamed online.  


Here is a list of LRMS Staff and the remote learning platform that they primarily use with their students.  


Video Guide of the slides shown below.    


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