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We have revamped our BYOD program with the goal of increasing the learning potential that comes from a device and reducing the distractions. Beginning October 14, 2019, Leesville Road Middle School will begin permitting student-owned digital devices to be used at school. BYOD is gone. It is now BYODTL – Bring your own device TO LEARN.


Devices will not be used for communication, social media or texting. They are for learning purposes only. We believe harnessing the power of digital tools and resources can be a helpful factor in helping a student find success.


Students are not required to participate in the BYODTL program; however, students (and their parents) intending to participate in BYODTL must review, initial, and sign the BYODTL contract found below. Students not participating will still be allowed to bring phones to school but will not be allowed to have them out during school hours. To opt out, simply do not return this form to school. Students who do not bring devices will not miss out on any educational activities or opportunities. School-owned devices will be available as needed.


Questions?  Ask your Grade Level administrator by phone 919-870-4141 or email.  


BYODTL slide show that was shared with students

BYODTL Contract