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June 9th and 15th (5th Gr BBQ Postponed due to threat of Rain)

Thank you, our 5th Gr. BBQ, and an update on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gr. Picnic

Greetings Sandpiper Families!  This is your Proud Principal, Teresa Caswell, writing with some school event updates - as always, I appreciate your partnership and support.

Today the clouds literally parted for Parkside and the sun made an appearance between 2 and 3pm for our Kinder and 1st Grade Popsicles with the Principal (and amazing Premier Piper Staff) on the Playground event.  Thank you to the many families and staff that attended - at one point the entire playground was buzzing with dozens of students and their parents.More than 150 popsicles were consumed and that is a Sandpiper SUCCESS!  

However, at 4pm the clouds returned and various areas were experiencing rain... Looking at tomorrow's forecast (WRAL), the predicted rain percentage has increased from 60% to 70% and we know that most thunderstorms occur in the early evening. So, with a heavy heart, I am going to postpone our BBQ to Saturday, June 15th, 1-2pm (ish - can go over slightly). With the increased probability of rain/thunderstorms and the need to have good food preparation practices, I believe this is the best decision to ensure that when we are able to come together, it is comfortable and safe.  The good news is that, at this time, it looks to be a gorgeous day (~80 degrees, sunny, and low humidity).

What does this mean for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade picnic with the principal also next Saturday, June 15th?  Well, we are still on but with a slight time adjustment to accommodate our 5th grade family.  Instead of 11-1, we will do a new time of 11-12 (ish) - can go over slightly :).  This will give our picnic-ing families time to eat (remember, bring a lunch with you), kiddos time to play on the playground, and all an opportunity to spend some time with staff and admin. 

Between 12 and 1 staff and admin will tidy up, prep the grill, and begin welcoming our 5th grade Sandpipers for their time with staff and admin as our first culminating class of Parkside Elementary School!

Thank you all so much for your positive interactions with myself and all Parkside staff - we feel your excitement and cannot wait to meet and exceed every expectation you have for us!

Warmly (stay dry),

Teresa Caswell, Principal