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The Parkside Semi-Monthly 6/1/19

Greetings Parkside Families!  This is your proud principal, Teresa Caswell, writing with some updated information.  Please note the dates, times, and locations of our upcoming grade-level events!  Can you believe that it is 5 weeks until we begin the new school year??  Pipers are truly Paving the Way!

School Supplies: Please see the school website for grade-specific school supply lists.  The PTA has contracted with 1st Day School Supplies – A Note from the PTA: The total price of the kits include shipping and $10 that will be donated to Parkside Elementary PTA.  The kits are priced for all teacher preferred brands and are cheaper than going in the store compared to Target at $75, Walmart $109, and Amazon $94.  Thank you for helping to support your PTA.

Attention Families of 5th Grade Students! BBQ News and RSVP:  (6pm - SUNDAY June 9th, at Morrisville Community Park Shelter) – All incoming 5th graders, and their parents, along with Parkside administrators, teachers, and other support staff (specials, counselors, etc.)… join us for an evening just for those who will be the first 5th grade class of Parkside Pipers! Please RSVP using the following form so we have enough hamburgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs, chips, and fruit! YUM!!

KIDZ ART:  Another pay-for enrichment option afterschool (4-5pm) on Tuesday’s beginning August 13th: KidzArt classes help students advance their skills in drawing, painting, and design. Learn about and be inspired by realism, anime, abstract, impressionism etc., while creating beautiful artwork using a variety of fine art mediums such as; watercolor paint, chalk pastels, oil pastels, canvas, charcoal, watercolor pencils and much more. Every week is a brand new project that students will be able to take home after class. All supplies and materials provided by KidzArt. You may register at:    

IMPORTANT:  If you know you will NOT be attending Parkside next school year, please complete this form to let me know  Parkside’s staffing and class creation is based on student enrollment.  Thank you so much!

Upcoming Events:


  • Kinder and First grade- popsicles with the principal (Saturday at the Alston Ridge Elementary School center playground; 2-3pm - Saturday June 8th).
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades – Picnic with the Principal and Papas!– Morrisville Community Park Shelter and Playground (11am-1pm Saturday June 15th): Bring your sandpipers and lunch and join me to enjoy the weather, have lunch (bring your own), play and get to know each other as a school-family.


July 8th – CONFIRMED!  Rising 1st – 5th Grades: Track 1 at 10amTrack 2 at 11:30am, and Track 3 at 1pm - Teacher Meet and Mingle and view the school!

  • July 8th - Track 4 and incoming Kindergarteners (all tracks) are invited to view the school at 3pm; Track 4 Meet and Mingle will be July 26th at 1pm in the combined gym/café.
  • On July 8th – families in the walk zone are encouraged to walk to Parkside to a) see how the walk goes, discuss expectations with your child and, b) support our limited parking.  Please adhere to your tracks meet the teacher times – for these reasons and to ensure your child’s teacher is ready to receive you!

PTA Volunteer Opportunities- If you are interested in being involved with events and activities for our school community, please follow the link to the PTA Volunteer Interest survey.  You can see the ways being proposed to enhance the school experience for our students and teachers, or you can make a suggestion about what you'd like to see offered.

Reminders and Information:

Before and After Care

Daily Dismissal

  • Walk Zone – The Morrisville Police Department has approved crossing guards –at Parkside Valley and Willingham and the other at Parkside Valley and Corsair. At this time the Breckenridge community is considered a walk zone.  Specific routes will be communicated in June for families to follow that will ensure the safest access to the school. Walkers will have tags designating parent permission to walk alone (3rd-5thGrade), with a 3rd-5th grade sibling (K-2nd), or only through a parent pick-up. A permission form will be sent in June.
    • I have heard of some areas of the Breckenridge community who are starting carpool rotations for their students to help with the walk zone - I love our school-family!
  • Carpool – Carpool tags will be distributed at meet the teacher on July 8th. A form to note your need for a tag will be sent in June.
  • Bus Transportation – Please see the following site if you live outside the Breckenridge neighborhood and would like bus service.  The county will post bus routes June 21st.  All Parkside bus riders will have bus tags affixed to their backpacks which must stay on to ensure rider safety.  Thank you!

June has arrived! Please see our Twitter Feed (@es_parkside) for new pictures from the building construction crew – our new school-home is SO beautiful!! Please let me know if I can help you in anyway as we move closer to our new year together.


Teresa Caswell, Principal