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5/12/19 Parent Message


Staffing Update:  We are in the final stages of hiring a dynamic staff at Alston Ridge Middle School!  We recently have been sharing staff “baseball cards” through social media to introduce staff members to the community.  Get to know staff members through these card postings over the next two months! Be sure to follow the Alston Ridge Middle School accounts to meet the Warriors staff: @AlstonRidgeMS (Twitter) and @alstonridgems (Instagram)



Attendance Notification:  If you are currently assigned to Alston Ridge Middle School for the 2019-20 school year and you know you won’t be attending (moving, transfer, home school, private school, etc) please communicate your intentions with us.  It is important that we have accurate numbers to ensure enrollment and balanced tracks.  Please contact the school by emailing the following address:  Thank you for helping keep our numbers accurate!



Supply List:  There is now a temporary supply list located on our website.  Please view this link for specific items for the upcoming 2019-20 school year: ARMS Supply List.  Teachers & teams will update any additional items at the beginning of the school year.



Athletics Boosters:  Coach Weidenburner, our first Athletic Director, is in the final stages of creating an Athletics Booster Club to support our student athletes and creating a positive connection with the parent community.  Please complete the following form if you have interest in helping build the program: Alston Ridge Athletics Booster Club.  Coach Weidenburner will be meeting with interested parents in the coming weeks.



PTSA Board:  The ARMS PTSA Board continues to meet every two weeks to create the foundation of a positive connection between the parent community and the school.  As of this week we have received our official charter! The Board is hard at work creating websites, communication tools, and developing ways to support ARMS in our inaugural year.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can assist the ARMS PTSA to launch the 2019-20 school year.



Student Clubs!:  As we continue to build Alston Ridge MS and how to provide students with experiences that meet their interests, student clubs will be a big way to accomplish this.  We also believe in student voice and leadership when it comes to clubs. The ARMS staff is seeking input from students on clubs proposals. Please have your child review this link and follow the directions to propose a club for the 2019-20 school year: Alston Ridge MS Student Club Proposal.  We are excited to hear from students and their leadership around clubs!



New CTE Elective - Agriculture Education:  As mentioned in the last parent message, we have a unique opportunity to offer courses in Agriculture Education through the Career & Technical Education Department.  These exciting science-based electives will provide students various opportunities for hands-on learning and exposure to engaging content. As mentioned in the February parent meetings, I truly believe that middle school is a time for students to explore various topics in the hopes that a life-long passion or desire is developed.  If your child has interest in this elective option, please take a moment to complete this brief form: Alston Ridge MS Agriculture Education Electives.  Course descriptions are located on our ARMS website.  Thank you for your flexibility with elective offerings and we are SO excited about the learning opportunities for students!