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Transcript Requests


As we move forward over the next couple of weeks (and possibly beyond) the district’s Central Records department will be supporting all transcript requests for students.  Pick-up options are not available at Central Records as all Crossroads buildings are closed to the public.  However, they can manage requests electronically and via mail.



Because this is a national emergency, most colleges/universities/scholarships will be pushing back their deadlines.  However, if a student should need a paper copy of their transcript, the following three options will be available:

  1. They can receive an unofficial transcript mailed directly to them
  2. We can mail an official transcript to the scholarship committee or coordinator
  3. We can mail an official transcript home for them to add to their scholarship packet – the envelope will be signed and sealed and we will put it in a second envelope for mailing.  This is a temporary option available only while students are not able to pick up official transcripts at their high school or at Central Records.



Students will need to ask for Option #3 in the “special instructions” section.  Again – this is a temporary option based on current circumstances.