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Letter to parents of seniors, May 15

Dear Senior Ram families,


As both the district and the staff of RHS develop ways in which we will celebrate the Class of 2020, I want to give you dates to put on your calendar.  In some cases, we are going to need you to assist in the process.  Please understand that any deadlines are just that, very tight deadlines that cannot be missed.


Earlier this morning, Superintendent Moore and Board Chair Sutton shared with the community that we will be doing multiple things to celebrate our seniors.  The first part of our plan is to celebrate our seniors with a virtual graduation program.  Another part of our plan is to have a celebration at each school that will honor our seniors and provides for a celebratory distribution of diplomas.  Finally, the district has not ruled out a further celebration as a larger group in the summer or fall but that will depend on changes in state and local social distancing guidelines.

Senior Virtual Awards

While we hoped to have the seniors virtual awards ready on our original awards day, there is just no way we can promise to have it ready.  We are putting this presentation together and want to be sure it is correct and runs well before we release it to the public.  We are aiming for Thursday, June 4th at 7 PM to release a show that guides families through what would have been the senior awards program.  That date was supposed to be a rehearsal at the convention center.  We are just replacing it with an event where families can watch the awards program together.


Virtual Graduation

The virtual graduation will be broadcast at noon on June 11th.  This will include aspects of the traditional graduation program including student and principal speeches, the turning of tassels, and the calling of each senior’s name.  Closer to the graduation broadcast date, we will share avenues to access the ceremony via the school website.  It will also be available after that time if that’s more convenient for families and will be available for families to save the video.


As a part of the virtual graduation, each student will have a slide that shows their senior portrait, has their name, and also shares if they are an honor graduate and/or an NC Scholar.  Students will have a brief opportunity to review their slides and suggest updates and to verify content.  On May 18, students will receive an email to their WCPSS email account giving them access to an online portal to review their information.  Specifically,

    • We will be using the student’s senior portrait.  If the student chooses to use another photo, the student will need to log into the portal to make that change.  
    • If you prefer not to have your photo/name used in the slideshow, please let your principal know.  
    • The portal will open on May 20 at 8 am and close on May 21 at 6 pm.  You will receive an email closer to the 20th with more information.

Rolesville High School Diploma Distribution Event

At this time, we are planning for an event where a limited number of students will come to school during a window of time-based.  We will limit the number of students and families who are at school at one time.  Students will come to school with caps, gowns, and tassels.  They need to ride with the family because we are drafting plans where the movement of vehicles is critical and only one vehicle per family can be in the line.  Families will drop off the senior at a designated spot on campus and then drive to the spot where the student will walk across an outdoor stage to receive the diploma.  Families will remain in vehicles for safety and respect for time.  We will simulate the walking experience for students and families as best we can while doing so within CDC, state, and local guidelines for the protection of all involved.  We have not drafted all of the plans as this is a fast-moving train!  We will draft what families need to know and share in the near future.  Please understand that it will take multiple days to facilitate this experience, so we are going to reserve June 8, 9, and 10 for diploma distribution.  We will need your full cooperation as this is ambitious and really important to all of the seniors and their families.

Lastly, as I have also put in the weekly email to parents, we have quite a few seniors who have not paid senior fees.  Now that we are able to develop a plan for diploma distribution onsite, we are going to need to plan and pay for purchases, rentals, diplomas and covers, and more.  Please make sure you check your Online School Payments account to see if this has been taken care of.  If not, please submit the payment online.  If you wish for the fee to be deducted from the parking refund, please email our bookkeeper, Traci Nuckles, at with a specific request to deduct the $40 from the parking refund and be sure to include your senior’s name.

We will be in touch very soon.  Please watch for updates sent through School Messenger, the students’ email accounts, our website, and Twitter.  




Dhedra Lassiter