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Lenovo Scholars Network Mobile App

We have some great news! The MBSA kids won the Lenovo Scholars Network Mobile App Competition, again.  We have two teams in the top five:
Developed by Abigail Savitsky, Alexandria Shue, and Niharika Koppolu.  This all-in-one app is designed to increase the performance of young athletes and helps to keep them on track with their personal goals, stay motivated, and remain informed. A key element is providing nutritional information on meals suited for a sport or physical activity.
Developed by Keeshant Hoogar and Erwin Golovashikin.  The app is a comprehensive guide to allergy management and deals largely with three primary components: learning about allergies, logging allergies, and responding to allergies.
The final part of the competition is for the public to vote for Fan Favorite.  The link below takes you to a page where you can watch videos about their apps and a link to vote for Fan Favorite.  Please go vote and support all the hard work these kids put into developing their apps!!
Thanks!....Go vote!!!!!