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April 20, 2020

East Wake High Weekly Announcements - Week of April 20, 2020

Student Emails

Parents, please remind students to check their emails multiple times throughout the day. Many class announcements, assignment reminders, and other information are sent to their student email account. 


Phone Apps

There are applications that can assist you and your son during this time with assignments and due dates. Families are encouraged to download the Canvas App and the Google Classroom App. Your child can provide you with their respective codes and account login information. This will give you an opportunity to see the information and due dates being communicated to your son. 


The following links will take you to a google search so you can click on the respective app for your specific phone (apple or android):

Canvas Phone App

Google Classroom App


Student Help Desk for Technology

Should students need help with technology, they can contact the Remote Learning Help Desk through the online system at or call the Remote Learning Help Desk at 919-694-8100.  The Student Help Desk for Technology is open weekdays from 7:00 am -5:00 pm.

Spanish speaking staff is available.


AP Exam Dates & Exam Information

AP exam dates can be found here.  Students need to register to take to exams as soon as possible.  For more information about registering, students should contact their AP teacher.


Like many college-level exams, this year's AP Exams will be open book/open note. The exam format and questions are being designed specifically for an at-home administration, so points will not be earned from content that can be found in textbooks or online. However, students taking the exams may not consult with any other individuals during the testing period. We'll take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of each exam administration, as we do every year.

We're confident that the vast majority of AP students will follow the rules for taking the exams. For the small number of students who may try to gain an unfair advantage, we have a comprehensive and strict set of protocols in place to prevent and detect cheating. While some of these practices are confidential to maximize their effectiveness, students and education professionals can learn more about our security measures.

At a minimum, test takers should understand that those attempting to gain an unfair advantage will either be blocked from testing or their AP scores will be canceled, and their high school will be notified as will colleges or other organizations to which the student has already sent any College Board scores (including SAT® scores). And they may be prohibited from taking a future Advanced Placement® Exam as well as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests™, or CLEP® assessments.


Google Meet – How-to Guide

Some students have requested support on how to operate Google Meet.  A how-to guide was created to assist students with maximizing the use of this instruction tool.  To view the guide, click here.


Calling All Chess Players (Students & Parents)

The school has set up two clubs on  One for the EWHS community ( ), which includes parents, siblings and any other supporter of EWHS.  The second club is for staff and students ( ). 

Team training, matches, and tournaments will be set-up and provided once people enroll.


Teacher Schedules – Live Class & Office Hours

You can find when teachers will have “Live Class” and office hours here: Alphabetical List or Departmental List.  If you have concerns, please address the concern with the teacher first, then involve the administrator that supports the department. 


Senior Information

Seniors are encouraged to continue to engage in Remote Learning activities with their teachers.  We are still waiting on directions on how Senior grades and activities will be handled for WCPSS.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we finalize this information.


Students Needing Laptops & Hotspots

Families that requested a laptop will be contacted based on the survey completed if additional laptops are received.  All students are not promised a laptop as supplies are limited.


The school has not received hotspots needed by students.  Once they arrive, we will contact families that requested a hotspot.  All students are not promised that they will receive a hotspot once they arrive.


East Wake High Virtual Schedule

Instruction provided will be “flipped” (recorded instruction) which will allow students to watch the video(s) at their convenience but should be done prior to “Live Class” denoted on the schedule below which will last for one hour during the range of time highlighted.  Teachers will also have one hour of office hours daily.  For the specific time, a teacher will have “Live Class” and office hours will be shared on our school website next week.  The link to the “Live Class” and office hours can be found in the teacher's Canvas or Google Classroom.


We highly encourage all students to participate in “Live Class” and office hours when a teacher is hosting them. The teacher will announce when they will offer a live session. Live sessions are optional, and students will not receive a grade for attending them. This time is meant for students to see the teacher model a concept or have a discussion around a specific topic.  Office hours are meant to provide additional support just link tutoring.


 To view the virtual schedule, click here.


Although there is no “class” on Friday, students should still use this time to complete assignments for the week.  The teacher will schedule small group instruction on Friday based on the needs of the students at a designated time on Friday.


Student Expectations during Remote Learning

Students are expected to continue to adhere to all WCPSS rules as outlined by the WCPSS Student Code of Conduct. This is even more important as we engage virtually. Students should be mindful they are logged into their account and WCPSS can view any and everything they are doing on their laptop when they are engaging in classwork. Teachers and Administration will reach out to parents if students are not adhering to the policy. We also ask that all students are appropriately dressed when they are engaging live in their classes.