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Support your child's learning

Support your child's learning

Keeping up with your student as they learn online can be difficult. Online learning requires students to manage their time and assignments, often without adult supervision. This can be hard for students of any age but especially for younger students. Here are a few tips that may help parents keep up:

1. Know the basic places your child's teacher shares information.
Make sure you know where the teacher is posting assignments, announcements, and feedback. Teachers will be using Google Classroom or Canvas. This site gives you and your student(s) guides on how to use both.

2. Stay up to date with school and district information.
Make sure you are signed up to receive text and email notifications from your child's school and from the school district. Learn more.

3. Know what resources are available. 
Get the login information to WakeID portal for your student. This will allow you to login and see what resources are available to your student(s) and give you insight into the work that needs to be done.

4. Get notified of assignments.
Download the Google Classroom and/or Canvas app to your smartphone or tablet. Once you download the apps needed, you can login as your student and get notifications when assignments are due. Download Google Classroom  (Google | Apple) or Canvas (Google | Apple)

5. Keep track of grades. 
If you are a parent of a student(s) in grades 6-12, sign up for an account to the Parent Portal. Signing up for an account will enable you to keep track of your student(s) grades and assignments past due. You can also download the Powerschool app for your mobile device. Download Powerschool (Google | Apple).