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July 24, 2022 - Message to Tracks 1, 2, and 3

Parkside and the end of July!

Greetings Parkside Families – I hope you are doing well! We are nearing the end of July and Thursday (July 28th) will be our first early release day of the year with students dismissing at 1:45pm. Please be sure to mark your calendar for the 2 hour early dismissal in order to be at school or the bus stop for your student :)  Additionally, July 28th is the last day before tracking out for our Track 3 students! We hope you have a fun/relaxing/safe break!

Next Monday, August 1st, at 6pm (school media center) is the first general PTA meeting of the year! You can join the PTA by following the links on their website: We will be discussing the coming year’s Booster fundraiser focus on outdoor learning spaces! I hope you become a member and that we see many members at the meeting!

Attention all 5th grade families! The PTA is selling a 5th grade beginning of the year shirt - they're on sale now until 8/5 – see this link!

Lunch visits: Reminder that visitors must be noted on the child locator (green) cards in order to be able to attend lunch with their student. Visitors and the student must sit at the indoor or outdoor lunch tables (not at the student tables), and students may not invite a friend to sit with them. Additionally, parents/visitors may not provide any food/treats/goodies to classmates in any way. Finally, parent visits will not begin with Kindergarten students until the week of August 8th (Tracks 1 and 2) and August 29th (Tracks 3 and 4). Thank you for helping us keep all students safe as you enjoy time with your child at lunch!

FYI: Free breakfast and lunch for students eligible for free and reduced mealsThe North Carolina state budget includes funding that allows Child Nutrition Services to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students who are eligible for reduced-price meals for the 2022-23 school year! Child Nutrition Services is making arrangements to credit the accounts of reduced-price eligible students who purchased meals at the reduced-price rate of 40 cents since the start of the 2022-23 school year. Families can still apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits online at or pick up a paper application at school.

If your student takes the bus, it is a good idea throughout the summer months to check the start and arrival times of the bus as schools on different calendars begin after multi-track year round schools (like Parkside) and thus the schedule may shift. Families can view their most up-to-date stop times by checking PowerSchool or the Here Comes the Bus app.

If your student dismisses via carpool – please review these safety procedures:

  • Please pull up to the next available cone as you are directed by staff to the carpool pick up area. Even if you see your child at a different spot, we will get them to you at your designated cone. Six cars may enter the pickup area at a time, please pay attention to the staff member directing cars to cones.
  • Students need to enter and exit the car on the right side only.
  • Please display carpool tags on the rearview mirror for quick viewing by staff so that numbers can be recorded on the dismissal spreadsheet.
  • If you pull up to a cone and your child is not quite downstairs, we will ask you to pull around to the visitor/handicap parking spaces and we will walk your student to you when they come downstairs. Please do not move to the front of the line and wait, move around to the spaces beside the handicap parking.
  • Please do not leave the line by driving around cars in front of you who are loading students. Stay in line to leave the area in a single file. Staff will alert you if you need to move around another car to exit the line.
  • To assist the efficiency of the arrival/dismissal process, please practice with your child how to unbuckle/buckle themselves in their seat upon exiting/entering the car. 
  • Please do not get in the carpool line and then have an adult walk up to the school to pick a student at walkers, or ahead of the traffic in front of you. This throws off our counting and number system for regular carpool pick up. 

If your child dismisses each day as a walker, please review these safety procedures:

  • Please form a single file line to tell school staff the number of your student for pick up.
  • After you have given the number, please move to the grassy area with parents who are picking up Kindergarten students closest to the door on the grass to hear their child's name called.​​​​​​​

That is it for now – thank you and have a great week!


Dr. Teresa Caswell, Ed. D., Principal