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Red Ribbon Week Contest

Thank you to all our students that took part in the Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest. We had some awesome pieces that were created by our Warriors. We appreciate Officer Savage and Ms.Twitty for working to coordinate this effort. Our top selections will be on display at the Herbert C. Young Community Center in Cary, and the winner will be announced during a special ceremony on November 1st at 6:00pm.

  • 6th Grade Participants: 6-3 Poorvaja Saravaan, 6-2 Raahi Singh, 6-3 Zoona Sameeha , 6-1 Milan Zekovic,6-1 Stotra Biswas

  • 7th Grade Participants: 7-2 Naman Kaur, 7-2 Anuksha Kumar, 7-3 Lydia Wilmot

  • 8th Grade Participants: Rohan Vasanthakumar, Praneeth Aravelli, Varmika Kourshna, Sresta Beeram, Naisha Verm

Top 3 (Not in any particular order): Sresta Beeram, Charlotte O'Carroll, Anuksha Santhish Kumar