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All-County Honors Band

Special Note from Mr. Kuni, Band Director:
Earlier this week 29 of our students went and competed with approximately 600 WCPSS band students for positions in the WCPSS All-County Honor Band!  Competition is strong in Wake County!  That being said please help me congratulate the Warrior Musicians listed below for winning a position in this Honor Band!!  This list is 100% larger than last year, that pretty solid growth 😉!  #bandrocks!

2023 All-County Honor Band students


7th Chair Flute Jasmine Modi 7-3

2nd Chair Bassoon Diya Hosapattana 8-1

7th Chair Clarinet Eileen Yaun 8-3

10th Chair Clarinet Vivaan Seela 7-4

4th Chair Alto Sax Tannon Evans 8-2

6th Chair Trumpet Matthew Zhang 8-2

5th Chair Horn Shreyansh Soni 7-4

3rd Chair Euphonium Bhavin Mogasalamarrii 7-4

1st alternate Bari Sax Harshith Paidmarri 8-1