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GL Fundraiser for Inaugural Murals


To commemorate our first year, we would like to honor our current students and staff through two murals by Sean Kernick.  After exploring different options, we unanimously agreed that murals have a unique ability to tell a story and build a sense of community.  Both equally resonate with our school vision.  Our art students will have a unique opportunity to work with Sean.  The inside wall mural projected cost is $5,700 and outside sports wall mural* projected cost is $14,000.  Regretfully, we do not have school funds to support this project.  In fact, it would take us 5 years to do so.  So, we are asking for your help.  Our goal is to raise $20K by the end of February and for the murals to be completed by August.  Our goal is for each family to donate $25 per child attending GLHS.  Of course, we are greatly appreciative if you can donate more.   We will post more information on our school website this week and will update you every week on the progress towards our goal.  


Ways to Donate: 

  • Online Payments ( in increments of $25, $50, $100 and $200
  • Check (made payable to GLHS)  or cash:  Bring a check or cash to the front office and we will write you a receipt 


*Outside Sports Mural:  It is called this because of its location on the football field.  We are aiming for something like the Fuquay mural on Mr. Kernick’s link:


Sean Kernick Mural Proposal


Mural Fundraiser Flyer