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Q&A from parent meeting

Green Level Parent Meeting
6:30pm, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
(130+ attendees)
Below is a list of questions and answers from the meeting:

1.  Parent appreciates social media presence …makes them feel like a part of the community. MVP math has been a struggle for students.  Videos and in class activities have not been strong enough.  Students are spending extra time outside of class and with tutors as a result.  What are your thoughts on MVP?

School Response:  We will use the MVP Program.  When needed, we will use a hybrid model if students are not mastering concepts.

2. Are courses going to be set up for career paths?  Are there going to be any apprenticeship programs?

School Response: Move away from the teacher as the giver of knowledge in the room.  Students need to hit ELA requirements but are given a chance to study what they’re interested in and share with an “authentic audience.”  Help students find community mentors and find apprenticeship opportunities in the community. Students need to be well-informed citizens of the world.

3. Please elaborate on health science electives

School Response:  Mr. McDougall and Summers met with central office to look at CTE offerings.  Spoke to Agriculture and biotech courses a bit.   Kids will drive where CTE goes in year 2 and 3 of opening.  Kids will be surveyed to see what they want at that point.

4. Do you have an assessment for AP music theory?  Son was told that he needed to be assessed if he could take the course.

School Response:  No list of prerequisites, but not a beginner course.  If they have a significant music background, they will have a good foundation.  No formal assessment, but Bryan offers informal pre-test for students in the class. 

5. A lot of courses aren’t available.  When will you survey students and parents and when will parents be able to give input about what courses are offered?

School Response:  Adding AP courses every year.  Offering 6 AP’s first year.  Will work with PTSA to see how and when parents can be surveyed.  Courses are due to central office at the end of January (End of the first semester).  We want students to get used to high school flow and block schedule.

6. Is Green Level going to be first school to have biotechnology courses?  Can someone else help us to answer this question?  Will someone be available to tell us what the classes actually mean and if it will be a hard course for them?

School Response:  No, we are not the first school. We have course description guide and Brian McDougall can also assist with answering questions.  Bmcdougall



7.      Will students have to pick from pre-selected courses, or can they write in courses?

o   School Response:  Our courses come from the county planning guide, and that will be provided to students when surveying about future classes.



8.      Question about TSA (Technology Student Association):

o   School Response:  Students have a great opportunity to be a founding member for co-curricular involvement opportunities.  Talk to counselors and faculty because they are invested in supporting students. Certain clubs like HOSA and DECA that McDougal will coordinate as a part of CTE.



9.      Will there be a student government?

o   School Response:  Yes, the school will sponsor student government.  NHS and SGA will also be school initiated.



10.  Is Orchestra going to be offered or is that going to be farther out?

o   School Response:  If Green Level has a chance of offering orchestra then we need to have a successful orchestra chamber club.  We need to build a need first.



11.  Will students miss AP instruction?  Will teachers skip chapters in book?

o   School Response:  Curriculum is a collaboration between the college board and the teacher.  Don’t overload on AP course.  AP courses should be engaging and accessible for a variety of students.  AP courses shouldn’t come down to we have X chapters to cover.  It's more about real-world learning.



12.  Is research done by Wake County about (traditional) schedule vs. 4x4 (block) schedule?

o   School Response:  Pro’s and con’s…explained them.  I love 4x4 block. Our schedule mirrors the college schedule.  When kids struggle, they are struggling navigating life in general after school.  Sending invitations to have open forum conversations about life skills for students…whats going well, what are challenges, what do they want out of high school.  What are their needs?  Partner with parents to ensure they are prepared for life after high school.



13.  How many AP’s should kids take and should they take in subjects of interest or just to raise GPA?

o   School Response:  Not a magic number.  Invest in what you’re passionate about.  Don’t have to push rigor in everything…especially if it’s not something good for your wellness or not a potential career path. Be purposeful in what classes you are choosing.  Focusing on perfection is dangerous for students’ health.



14.  Student’s connectivity?

o   School Response:  We will intentionally focus on making sure your kid is connected to green level whether through art, band, clubs, etc.  Research says kids need to be connected to the school.  Will be able to tell you more in August.  We had a pre-planning meeting yesterday about big topics.   Would y’all be interested in having an option to come in and talk about certain topics…for instance book about overachievers.



15.  8 courses…will it be an even load?

o   School Response:   We will load the “parameters” in PowerSchool and the computer will help to give electives and core courses evenly.  If computer goofs, we will go through every schedule and make manual changes.  We spend a lot of time and effort in ensuring balanced schedules for students



16.   Latin 1 now, but needs Latin 2 and 3 next year.  What do I do?

o   School Response:  3 options:  1)  no Latin but sign up the next year 2)  will be a meeting during the summer but if  you want to take Latin 2, we can offer it via NC virtual public school as one of the core classes at green level but child could end up in a classroom with a teacher who does not know Latin, 3)  Repeat Latin 1



17.  School is based in biotech and computers?   What about vocational and trade classes?

o   School Response:  CTE has a lot of options.  We are only opening with 8 classroom teachers.  Ex:  1 foods teacher but following year there will be another family and consumer teacher.  Based on kids interest we can offer other courses and directions.  We are going to do something cool in relation to a hands-on lab class---welding, HVAC, plumbing, woodworking, etc. ? We haven’t made a decision yet.



18.  Have you given any thought about doing something about time management and organization skills for freshmen?

o   School Response:  Yes, this would fall under the happy and health committee.  We are looking at the best needs for our kids?  Yes, time management is big.



19.  Drivers Education?  Do we need to get students on list now or this summer?  Mentor Program?

o   School Response:   Go to Green Level website.  Q&A on Drivers Ed.  We are interested in a mentor-mentee program.  We believe it could build a big culture of togetherness.  The biggest source of knowledge for students is other students.



20.  How many band courses do I need to register for in PowerSchool?

o   School Response:  4-year plan regarding the band.  We would like students to register for two semesters of band.



21.  Question about Social studies sequencing for APs

o   School Response: AP Human Geography is a good intro class for an AP, will then sequence to AP World and AP US History.



22.  Career partnerships?  Connecting industry parents to help teachers.

o   School Response:  Career development coordinator.  Hiring 1 person for 2 jobs.  One job is about connecting parents and industry leaders to teachers, building the Business Alliance



23.   Can my child take a course at Enloe for acceleration? 

o   School Response:  In order for a student to be approved for summer acceleration, it would need to be a part of the four-year plan and not a sequence that could be achieved during the regular school year.



24.  If I sign up for Chemistry Honors and AP Chemistry, can I drop AP Chemistry if I do not do well in Chemistry Honors?

o   School Response:  Yes, we will have a drop/add period in December or January.