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Patriot Family Update, 11/20/2022

Patriot Families,

With us going into a two day school week and a long Thanksgiving Break, let's keep this week's update simple.  More than I can share with you, I am deeply thankful for this Patriot Family that I have joined.  I am thankful for ...

  • A community that strongly values education and supports the teachers & staff who provide it,
  • Parents who daily show trust in the school by sharing with us the most cherished part of their world - their children,
  • Teachers & staff who daily give of their time and talents more than any reasonable person could ask,
  • Daily opportunities to see our students model the kindness, brilliance, and determination that make me incredibly optimistic about our future,
  • The courage of each individual - student, parent, & staff member - who steps up to do the right thing even when it is difficult and/or when no one is watching,
  • The ability to do work that I love in such a special place,
  • Forgiveness & grace when I fall short and the opportunity to try again,
  • Two sons who I love more than I can express,
  • The unending promise that is found in a new day, and,
  • I am thankful for a break.

I hope your family enjoys a wonderful, safe, and restful Thanksgiving Break!

With love & respect as well as a large helping of gratitude,

Brian Pittman, Principal