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Freshman Update, 7/8/2022

Dear Rising 9th Graders & Families,


Welcome!  I am excited to welcome the Class of 2026 to Apex Friendship High School.  In August, you will begin the final chapter of the K-12 journey to graduation.  The high school years that are ahead hold such promise and possibility for new growth and experiences.  Starting this experience can bring much excitement, but can also bring lots of questions.  We welcome both the excitement and the questions as we prepare for a great year.  Please know that the AFHS team will be with you throughout the experience!


First & Most Important -- You!!

Apex Friendship High is a large school with over 700 9th graders joining our "PatFam" this fall.  Despite being large, we are committed to making every effort to focus on the individual student and their experience.  For our 9th grade students, there will be opportunities to find success in classroom as well as the arts, athletics, student activities, and more!


All 9th graders and/or their parents are invited and encouraged to let us know a little about you / your student such as:

  • What's your favorite (or least favorite) part of school?
  • How do you learn best?
  • Who is a teacher you connected with in a positive way and what did they do that was important for you?
  • What are your interests outside of the classroom?
  • What are you excited about with regard to high school?  a little anxious about?
  • What is important to you that your teachers to know about you?


Of course, a response is not necessary for every question -- just the ones that are important to you.  Even if not shared with the school, we hope these questions prompt a great conversation for your family!  If you choose to share with us, we will summarize what you share and give the information to your teachers before the first day of school so that they know more than just a name on the roster.  You can email any reply / response to the principal, Mr. Pittman, at


Logistics for the New School Year

We will send out another email blast next week to all students with some key logistics for the school year.  Most of this information can already be found on the school's website -- particularly the page devoted to 9th grade information.  For now, it is important to us to start with what's most important -- getting to know you!


Again, welcome to Apex Friendship High!  If you have questions at any point, feel free to call the main office, use our online feedback / question form, or email Mr. Pittman (  We are committed to the 2022-2023 school year being exceptional for you!


If you are receiving this email and your student is not planning to attend Apex Friendship High in the fall, please contact Ms. Howard, our data manager, at