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Virtual Academy Registration


Hello West Lake Families, 


As you know, the registration for spring semester learning options opens today. The email will come from the County office with a link to the registration. We created the attached flowchart to assist you as you consider your options for next spring. It is important that you make the decision that is best for your family, and not involve staff in this decision-making process. Also be aware that once the window closes, all decisions are final. We have no way of predicting the outcome of parent choices; therefore, we are unable to tell you at this time if your child's teacher will remain the same. Staff assignments will be made after the window closes, as noted in the text at the bottom of the flowchart. Finally, please make note of the hyperlinks within the flowchart that redirect you to the County page with detailed information about the options.  


Spring Learning Options


With gratitude, 

Kelly Wilson