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West Lake Elem. Roof Update

West Lake Elementary School Parents,


Because I want to keep you informed, I want to update you on the status of our school roof replacement.

Work started back in February to completely replace our old roof, requiring the removal of all the old materials down to the metal structure - and then installing all new components. This was originally scheduled to have been completed a few weeks ago, but several heavy rain events - including Hurricane Florence and the expected remnants of Hurricane Michael moving through this week - have delayed the project.

That being said, the construction is still progressing at an expected pace. From the beginning of the project and at our request, the contractors have done much of the work during off-peak hours, to minimize the disruption to our school and our students. That has also caused the roof replacement to take longer than if they were working on a school that wasn’t occupied. The contractors’ revised timeline is to have most of the work completed within the next month. I know this has been a major inconvenience for everyone at our school. We are hopefully wrapping up negotiations with the construction company and their insurance provider to cover the cost of replacing all the books we lost in the media center when it flooded a few months ago.

I appreciate the patience and support you have all showed throughout this process. I ask that you remain patient as the project wraps up, allowing us to move forward as a new and improved West Lake Elementary School.




Kelly Wilson