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Sycamore Creek Enthusiastic Carpool Friday


We are so excited to announce that Sycamore Creek has been selected as the next school for the WRAL 101.5 Carpool Casanova!  A Sycamore parent made sure they knew Sycamore Creek is bringing the enthusiasm this year and they now want to be a part of it too!


The Carpool Casanova is coming this Friday, November 4th, during morning arrival.  We hear that he will be decked out in a pink suit and will serenade all the families that come through carpool that morning!  You may want to make plans to be a carpooler to join in the fun that day!  With such a quick turn around, we need your help to make sure Sycamore Creek SHINES BRIGHTLY!  I want to be sure they leave knowing they have just celebrated with the BEST SCHOOL COMMUNITY!  We will make sure that our walkers and bus students also enter the front of the school that day so they can participate in the morning arrival festivities as well. 


They have encouraged us all to wear pink - head to toe!  Please make sure your child is wearing as many pink clothing items as possible or they can wear a Sycamore Creek shirt with as many pink accessories as they can wear.  We would also love you to decorate your car or have a poster or pom-poms to show your Sycamore school spirit and to welcome the Carpool Casanova!  There will be lots of singing, music, and dancing!  BRING YOUR ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM!!   


Of course, we anticipate carpool may be a bit longer on Friday morning, so be sure to plan accordingly with patience and tune in!