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Fox Road Featured on WRAL!


Dramatic Improvement at Fox Road Elementary Featured on WRALIn seven years, Fox Road Magnet Elementary has more than doubled its proficiency in reading, nearly quadrupled proficiency in science, and improved math proficiency by 64%. Though it has a high percentage of students who are low income (about 75%) and a high percentage of English Language Learners (about 25%), Fox Road has taken a number of steps to help students achieve no matter what challenges they may face. “At Fox Road, we constantly emphasize to our students the importance of their education,” says Principal Bob Lewis. “We use our International Baccalaureate magnet theme to develop a culture of caring and collaboration. We have strengthened our use of data to determine and address student needs. We continuously engage with our parents and the surrounding community. Our employees exude teamwork and a sense of mission, and staff turnover is low. Above all, we have the most dedicated and hard-working staff that I have witnessed in my 47 years as an educator. We are proud of our accomplishments, and we are determined to continue to build on our success so that every Fox Road student has the best possible chance to meet their full potential.”

WRAL and ABC11 took time yesterday to take a closer look at the inspiring work happening at Fox Road. Here is the WRAL piece that aired during last night’s 5:30 newscast.