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4/29 Principal Message

Mt. Vernon Parents/Guardians,


All Wake County Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, May 1 for a Teacher Workday. Classes will resume on Thursday, May 2.


Your child brought home a packet with information from Panorama regarding a parent survey. This is a great opportunity for families to provide critical feedback to increase Mt. Vernon’s and Wake County’s practices. These surveys can be completed on the paper copy that your child brought home or online. Either way will require you to use your student’s unique ID number. Since we are such a small school, our goal is 100% participation. We are currently sitting at an approximate 25% completion rate. The website to complete the survey online is You will need your unique ID number to complete the survey. Please call the school if you need this unique ID number. The deadline to complete the survey is May 4th.

Ms. West has met with all of our students to register them for classes back at their base school. It is important that our students are set up for success for the 2019/20 school year. Please take a moment to review your child’s classes picked AND their school assignment as some have changed. For families interested in returning to Mt. Vernon for the 2019/20, we will be reaching out during the month of May to discuss the application process.


Please continue monitoring your child’s MAV Sheet nightly. This behavior management system serves to provide immediate positive feedback to our students while addressing areas in need of improvement. At times, the MAV sheets will also contain important pieces of information for you and your family.