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Bugg Staff Collaborate

Thank you to Friday Institute for another amazing day of Professional Development for the staff @BuggMagnet as we dive deeper into Computational Thinking.  

We learned the basics of algorithms, abstraction, pattern recognition, and decomposition and can’t wait to see the ways we utilize our new learning to bring our magnet theme to life in our classrooms and see how easily it connects with Design Thinking to help us all be collaborative problem solvers.

Design Thinking + Computational Thinking = Collaborative Problem Solving

We can't wait for our next round of Professional Development on November 5th!

Laura from Friday Institute

Laura from Friday Institute kicks off of with a day full of learning

Space Algorithm

Teachers created the algorithm (steps) for the order of the planets and then coded the Bee-Bot to travel through the solar system!

K and 1st Grade Bugg Teachers

Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers collaborate together to problem solve the algorithm of the order or planets and then jump right into coding Bee-bot to find his way.