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Tornado Warning Today




Dear Parents,


At 3:48 pm this afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for our area. Tornado Warnings are issued when a tornado has been spotted or is imminent. 


Upon notification, we immediately paused our dismissal already in process and began our shelter-in-place procedures. I appreciate the leadership of the staff who led the children into interior hallways, away from doors and windows, and helped them to assume a safe position with their heads covered with their hands. Thank you to the students and families for your understanding and support as we navigated this emergency. 


It has been reported a tornado was spotted within a few miles of our school around 4:00 pm. I am thankful that everyone in our building remained unharmed during this event and am hopeful the same is true for everyone in our community and their families. 


For more information on what to do during a tornado, please visit the National Weather Service website


In partnership,

Kathy Livengood, Principal