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Principal's Post | June 21, 2021


Final Greetings of the 20-21 school year! Give yourself a pat on the back and your children’s teachers a big shout out! We made it! Monday is the last day of school for all of our Jets. Enjoy your trackout and summer break! Below are a few final announcements for you:


Materials Return

Please look through these slides to be sure everything required has been returned or will be returned this week. In-person students should return items directly to their teachers while VA students may return items on Tuesday, June 22, from 8:00-11:00 am or 1:00-4:00 pm.

21-22 Teacher Assignments

21-22 teacher assignments will not be available this week as previously shared. Teacher assignments will be shared with families no later than Tuesday, July 6. . 

21-22 School Year

Remember! We have a page on our website with information you will need to prepare for the 21-22 school year at Brier Creek. Please check for updates as we approach the start of school.



Thank you to each of you who worked to lift up your children’s teachers and other school staff! It was a year like any other, and hopefully the likes of which we will never see again! Some use terms like “learning loss,” and would like you to believe your children have been or will be left behind because of this year. I disagree. While there may be some unfinished learning in terms of curriculum standards, I see that our students have gained a tremendous amount of real-life skills that will serve them well through their school careers and in their lives. I am so proud of their perseverance, their grace, and their learning this year! Thank you for being partners with us to support the children of our community! Have a wonderful summer break!

In partnership,

Kathy Livengood, Principal