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Principal's Post | November 16, 2020



Please take a few minutes to check out this week’s updates:

In-Person Instruction This Week

This week, all Plan B students who are in K-3, Pre-K, and EBS will be in the school building for in-person learning. Also, Plan B students in 4th and 5th grades on Cohort 1 will be in the building for in-person learning. If you need to review your child’s in-person calendar, please see our website

Asynchronous Remote Learning Day: Wednesday, November 18

Wednesday will be an asynchronous remote learning day for both in-person and Virtual Academy students. Teachers will take attendance through the participation and completion of the remote work assigned. New learning will continue. This day is not merely review or catch-up.

Preparing for Returning to In-Person Learning This Week: 4th & 5th Grades, Cohort 1

Our Returning to In-Person Learning website page has been updated with the latest information. Please review it carefully and discuss the health and safety expectations with your child. There are several videos that you can watch together, including this video about arrival that I shared with students a few weeks ago in their Google Classroom.


All parents are asked to sign this attestation form that you have received and understand the expectations. If you are unable to print it this weekend to send on Monday, we will send a copy home with your child. 


Because parents will not be able to walk their children to class when they come, some children may be feeling especially anxious. Please assure them we have lots of staff here that will help them, many who have introduced themselves here in this video.  


We look forward to welcoming the 4th & 5th graders on Cohort 1 on Monday! If you are not sure which cohort your child is in, please contact your child’s teacher. 

Carpool Reminders

Next week, we are moving from less than 60 students in the building each day to more than 150! This means morning drop-off at carpool is going to get more crowded. 


To help keep morning drop-off running smoothly for all families, please observe the following:

  • If your child is not ready to get out of the car upon reaching the sidewalk drop-off area, please pull to the right in the parking lot to do what you need so that the process of your child getting out of the car is only a few seconds. Finish breakfast, put on mask, gather belongings, and help your child unbuckle before getting to the sidewalk. 
  • Stop first at the end of the sidewalk to answer the health screening questions. We must ask these daily.
  • When you reach the temperature screening at the front of the sidewalk, have your child’s window down so we can take their temperature. 
  • Children should exit the car on the passenger side, onto the sidewalk. 
  • Parents should stay in the car.
  • We will have them take a few steps onto the sidewalk to get their belongings together so we can close the door and you can go ahead and pull away. 
  • Do not let your child out of the vehicle until they have passed the temperature screening.
  • Morning carpool ends PROMPTLY at 9:10. Any families arriving after 9:10 will be required to park and walk their child to the front door and sign them in there.
  • DO NOT use your phone or other electronic devices while in our carpool line.

Also, please be mindful of our carpool dismissal procedures:

  • Display your carpool number hanging from your rearview mirror. 
  • We will begin loading students at 4:00. Parents MUST arrive on campus prior to 4:15 for a timely carpool dismissal. Parents arriving after 4:15 will be required to park and come to the front door to sign your child out. 
  • Pull all the way forward, do not stop if you see your child somewhere else on the sidewalk. We will bring them to you.
  • If your child has not yet arrived when you get to the loading area, we will ask you to pull forward into an open parking space. When your child arrives, we will bring them to you.
  • Parents should stay in the car. Your child will load the car from passenger side.
  • If you need to help your child buckle or get settled, please pull forward to take care of this so that other families can continue loading.
  • DO NOT use your phone or other electronic device while in our carpool line. 


Specials for Virtual Academy Students

Beginning this week, VA students will begin following this Specials schedule. Specials will continue to be asynchronous and can be completed at your convenience, however, students will be able to attend Office Hours with the Specialist daily. For students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade, Specialist Office Hours are 3:30-3:50 pm. For 2nd through 5th Grade students, Specialist Office Hours are 10:30-11:00 am. Specialists will post the link to join their Office Hours in Google Classroom for the students who are assigned to that special that day. 

AIG Nominations <From Melissa Gough, AIG Teacher>

If you plan to nominate your 4th or 5th grader for AIG (Academically & Intellectually Gifted),  AIG Fall Nominations are due November 20th. Please submit this google form on or by the 20th. Thank you!


P2 This Week: Gratitude

On Monday, we'll begin learning about the character trait GRATITUDE. Gratitude means that you are aware of and thankful for good things that happen. Gratitude is the quality of feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation. It is an affirmation that there is goodness in other people and the world, and that we have received that goodness. People with the strength of gratitude have a readiness to show appreciation for kindness and also to return kindness. A leading expert, Robert Emmons, calls gratitude a “relationship-strengthening emotion because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.”


Gratitude is sometimes resisted, especially in more self-sufficient and independent cultures, due to not wanting to experience a sense of indebtedness. However, gratitude is less about feeling indebted and more about being aware of the consideration, kindness, and generosity of others. It’s also important to note that gratitude is not about ignoring the negative aspects of life; it’s simply being aware of and thankful for what is good.


Out of all 24 character strengths, gratitude is the single best predictor of individual well-being. It is correlated with increased energy, empathy, happiness and optimism. And, the great thing about gratitude is that it can be intentionally cultivated. Numerous studies have concluded that gratitude is like a muscle. The more you practice it, the stronger it gets – and the more you’re able to reap its benefits.


On a group level, gratitude is associated with reciprocity and social stability. Grateful people are more likely than their counterparts to feel a commitment to others – and believe in an interconnectedness of the world and its people. When a person does a favor for you, you tend to feel thankful and be motivated return the favor. Groups that operate with gratitude, then, are usually more cohesive.


For a 1-page character card overview, click here. And, for P2 for Families (password: P2), click here.

Have a wonderful week, Jets!