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Principal's Post | Week of October 23, 2020

Good afternoon, Parents!


I’m sending my message on Friday this week so that parents preparing to send their kids to school next week for in-person instruction had plenty of time to digest the information about in-person protocols and procedures. I know the teachers have already been talking to the kids and preparing them, but I am providing you the information and resources too so that you can have conversations over the weekend. The information that pertains to all parents is below first, and then information explicitly related to Plan B follows:


P2 This Week: Creativity

Creative people are able to look at the world in original ways and are able to come up with new and original ways to think about and do things. Creativity is associated with intrinsic motivation and is also correlated with self-actualization, or fulfilling one’s talents and potential. For resources you can use at home with your child, visit the P2 for Families Portal and use the password P2.


Q2 Material Distribution

If you have not yet picked up your child’s 2nd quarter learning materials, please reach out to his/her teacher to make arrangements to get those. 



Beginning next week, ALL SPECIALS for Virtual Academy and Remote Learning will be asynchronous each day. The Specialists will push the lesson out through Google Classroom, as they have been doing, and students will complete the assignments and turn them back in through Google Classroom. 


Asynchronous Days

Over the rest of the semester, there are very few weeks where we will have 5 days of live instruction. Some weeks there are holidays, and other weeks there are remote asynchronous and synchronous (live) days. We will have an asynchronous day this Wednesday, October 28, for ALL STUDENTS. The following week, we will have an asynchronous day on Tuesday, November 3. Plan B students do not come to school on asynchronous days. Please check the school calendar for the complete schedule of remote and asynchronous days.


Platform Change Requests

As of about 3:30 this afternoon, all requests to move between platforms (Virtual Academy and In-Person Learning) have been responded to using the email provided. If you believe you submitted a request, but did not receive a response, please email me at I will review emails and additional requests on Monday. 


Preparing for In-Person Learning

Our Returning to In-Person Learning website page has been updated with information. Please review it carefully and discuss the health and safety expectations with your child. There are several videos that you can watch together, including this video about arrival that I shared with students today in their Google Classroom.

 All parents are asked to sign this attestation form that you have received and understand the expectations. If you are unable to print it this weekend to send on Monday, we will send a copy home with your child. 


Because parents will not be able to walk their children to class when they come, some children may be feeling especially anxious. Please assure them we have lots of staff here that will help them, many of who have introduced themselves here in this video.  


We look forward to welcoming the K-3, Pre-K, and EBS students on Cohort 1 on Monday! If you are not sure which cohort your child is in, please contact your child’s teacher. 


Have a wonderful weekend, Jets! 


Take care,

Kathy Livengood, Principal