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Principal's Post | September 21, 2020


Greetings Jet Parents! Below are the updates and reminders for this week….. 


Planning for In-Person Learning 

If you have not yet, please read this message from WCPSS on Tuesday. As you can see, the district is targeting October 26th as the date for returning to in-person learning for students not in Virtual Academy. Details about rotations have not yet been decided. We will keep you informed as planning continues. Remember, we track out at the end of September and will return to instruction virtually on Monday, October 19.


Now that the school year has begun and we have a target date to return to in-person learning, I know many of you may be reconsidering the choice you made this summer between Virtual Academy and Plan B. We will not be making any changes until the plans for in-person learning become more concrete, but know that parents will have an opportunity to request a change between Virtual Academy and Plan B. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate all requests to change plans, we will do our best. Stay tuned to Principal’s Posts for the latest information. 


Positivity Project: Curiosity

This week, we will study the character trait of CURIOSITY. People who have a strength in curiosity like exploration and discovery. They often ask many questions because they want to learn about anything and everything. For resources you can use at home with your child, visit the P2 for Families Portal and use the password P2. 


Lunch with Livengood for K-2 Students

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students are invited to join me for Lunch with Livengood on Tuesday at noon. This is an optional, virtual gathering where I meet with students, read a book, and maybe play a game if we have time. I will post the Google Meet code/nickname in K-2 Google Classrooms on Tuesday morning.  


Counselor’s Corner from School Counselor Jennifer Lee

Hello families, Mrs. Marshall and I hope you are doing well during this time!  Please click on the link below to learn more about our counseling and student services department as well as how your child will receive classroom counseling at school this year.  Please reach out if you have any questions!  Have a wonderful weekend!  September Counseling Corner


Parenting Corner: Making Mistakes

Did you know that letting children make mistakes is good for them? Unfortunately, we are seeing and hearing some parents coaching their children in class and on assessments, telling them exactly what to say, giving them answers, and even scolding them or cutting them off when they fear the child is going to say something wrong. Teachers are skilled practitioners in supporting students in using their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they work through mistakes with children. During an assessment, the mistakes children make help guide teachers in their lesson planning.  I know it is difficult, but please, allow your child to show what he/she knows on assessments, allow him/her to answer questions without interruption, and don’t punish or scold them when they make an academic mistake. I have linked some articles below you may find helpful in understanding why making mistakes is such an important part of learning:


Have a great week, Jets!


Take care,

Kathy Livengood