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BCES Updates | July 28, 2020

Good afternoon Jet Parents!


I hope this message finds you well! In preparation for the beginning of school on August 17, I have some information to share with you:


20-21 Bell Schedule

At the June 2 Board meeting, the Board approved changes to WCPSS Instructional Calendars to accommodate the changes required by the actions of the General Assembly.  Included in the discussion was the requirement to add 15 minutes to the day of the Year-Round calendar schools, in order to meet the required hours of instruction. The bell schedule for Brier Creek Elementary for the 20-21 school year will be 9:15-4:00. The bell schedule applies to the Virtual Academy, Remote Learning in Plan B, and In-Person Learning in Plan B. Built into this time for all learners will be lunch and recess time. 


Technology Survey

WCPSS is asking all families with a student in grades K-12 to complete this survey for each student, regardless of your school, whether you have applied to the Virtual Academy, whether you have a device or whether you need a device. (Pre-K students’ technology will be addressed separately by the Office of Early Learning.) This short survey will help us better understand the needs of our students and make sure that we are able to meet those needs.  

Although the district intends to provide a device for every student in the future, some families may choose to provide their own laptop at this time. If you choose to purchase and/or provide a laptop for your child, we recommend an up-to-date Chromebook, Windows 10, or Apple (laptop only). Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, typically cannot provide an adequate experience for online learning. 

Please complete this survey no later than midnight on Wednesday, July 29. 


Virtual Academy Enrollment

A second enrollment window has opened to register for the Virtual Academy. For more information, or to enroll your child, please go to the WCPSS Virtual Academy website. Registration ends at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, 7/29/20. Families will receive a confirmation letter of enrollment in the Virtual Academy the week of August 3.

By default, anyone not enrolled in the Virtual Academy will begin school in the Plan B Transition. Even though both groups of students will begin the year online, the students in Plan B Transition will begin transitioning to a rotation between in-person and remote instruction in the fall. 

At the end of the first registration period, approximately 50% of BCES students were enrolled in our Virtual Academy. 


The First Weeks of School

School begins (online) for all students on August 17. The first two weeks will be an orientation period and focus  relationship-building, routine development, device acquisition, and distribution of supplies. As soon as dates, times, and locations for device pick-up are announced, I will share those with you. We will have a pick-up time here at school for supplies and materials as well during the first two weeks and will make sure parents have the information you need to support your children’s learning at home. While there will be instruction during the orientation period, you can expect the academic demand and expectations to begin picking up the week of August 31. 


Class/Teacher Assignments

Teacher assignments will be made in early August. Some BCES teachers will be teaching in the Virtual Academy while others teach in the Plan B model. Some may even teach students in both settings. Parents should be aware that classes and teachers WILL change should we move back to fully in-person learning across 4 calendars during the school year. Due to the complexity of scheduling this year, we are not able to accept requests for placements, including requests to be placed with particular students. 


Where to Get Information

We will continue to update our website with the latest information. I will also continue to send updates, as will WCPSS. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I may not be able to answer everything, but I will certainly try!


That’s it for today. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Kathy Livengood