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Lockdown Drill Conducted Today

August 22, 2019


Dear Brier Creek Elementary Parents/Guardians,

At Brier Creek Elementary School, we strive to keep parents and guardians informed. Therefore, I would like you to be aware of the lockdown drill we conducted at school today.


Safety is a priority at our school. Today’s lockdown drill gave us the opportunity to practice what to do in case of emergency so that we will be prepared to take the steps necessary to keep our students, staff, and visitors safe should a true emergency arise. I thank the WCPSS Security Department and the Raleigh Police Department for their joint efforts in helping us to prepare for various scenarios and in keeping our school and community safe.  I also thank the teachers who support the students in understanding not only what to do but also for the sensitive way they help our young ones understand in an age-appropriate way why we must practice a lockdown drill.


Thank you for your continued support of teaching and learning at our school and keeping our students safe. If you should have any questions, please let me know.




Kathy Livengood