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February 21, 2021


Brentwood Families,


Hope you had a great weekend! Welcome back 4th/5th Grade Cohort C students! WE MISSED YOU!


Please see information below for updates: 


Important Dates to Remember


Monday, Feb. 22 = Return to In-person Instruction 

  (All PreK-3 students; Grades 4-5 Cohort C)


Wednesday, Feb. 24 = Remote Learning (Asynchronous) Day

 Join us for our Family Engagement Event

 Coping During COVID-19

    Times (12-12:30 ; 5-5:30pm)


Friday, Feb. 26 = Interims Go Home


Important Updates



UPDATE: 4th/5th Grade Cohort C students return for in-person instruction


Pre-K through Grade 3: Continue DAILY in-person instruction


Grades 4 and 5: Cohort C (on campus) and Cohort A & B  (remote)  


Important links for returning back to school:



UPDATE: Remote Learning (Asynchronous) Day on Wed. Feb. 24


Students will have a remote learning (asynchronous) day on Feb. 24. Contact classroom teachers for additional information on assignments. 


REMINDER: Free and Reduced Lunch Applications 20-21 (PLEASE APPLY TODAY!)


Brentwood Magnet Elementary is a Title I funded school and receives federal funding based on the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunch in school.  Brentwood heavily relies on these funds to support our students and school. Funds are intended to help students and schools access needed resources for quality instruction. 


Brentwood uses our Title I funding for the following:

Full-Time Social Worker

Additional Classroom Teachers

Instructional Support Staff (intervention teachers)

Instructional Coaches

Student Supplies

Family Engagement 

Staff Professional Development


It is ESSENTIAL that all families who are eligible, complete this application as soon as possible. If we do not have the numbers that we had this year for funding, this will affect our allocated teacher positions and resources. These valuable resources can help improve student achievement. Even though all families receive free lunch this school year based on COVID, it is still important that you complete the application. Our individual school funding from Title I used to support your child relies on these numbers.The application can be completed online. Below are some documents to assist with this application.



Paper applications can be requested by calling 919-588-3535. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the school. 

REMINDER: Brentwood Afterschool Program

We will continue partnering with Raleigh Parks and Recreation for our After School program. The program will be held on the Brentwood campus on school days from 3:00 - 6:00 for a cost.


The program strives to make available a high-quality program at a low cost. The goal is to include a variety of curriculum-based programs such as arts & crafts, fitness & nutrition, and homework assistance.


Registration needs to be completed through Raleigh Parks and Rec. For more information and the registration process, please visit:

REMINDER: Check out what students will be learning at Brentwood this month


 February Update Newsletter

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Feel to reach out to me if you have additional questions or contact your child’s teacher if you need any assistance. 


Thank you again for your  GRACE, PATIENCE, and FLEXIBILITY. 



Melissa McKinley, Principal