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2/12/21: February Reopening Information

Brentwood families,


As we get closer to returning to in person instruction on Wednesday, February 17, I wanted to provide you with reopening information so that you are prepared for next week.


Below you will find reopening information. Please make sure to review this information before your child’s return to school next week. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the school at 

(919) 850-8720.


Reopening Plan


Brentwood Rotation Calendar

Click the link above for the Brentwood Rotation calendar. Please remember the following information when viewing this calendar:


Grades PreK-3: Plan A - DAILY In-Person Instruction


Grades 4-5: Plan B - Cohort Rotations


Return to Campus Guide

Please visit the above Return to Campus Guide as students prepare to return to school on campus.


Reopening Slide Deck

Check out this link to view the slide deck that pertains pertinent information to reopening.


Return to School Supply List

Below you will find the list of items for students to bring with them once they return to school. 

Return to School Supply List


Don’t forget your child’s WCPSS Chromebook, charger, and school supplies above.


How is your child getting home in the afternoon?

All families should complete the following document in order for staff to know how your child is getting home each day.


If you have not already, please make sure that your child’s teacher is aware how they will be getting home in the afternoon. 


Please do not drop off students before 8am

In order to ensure the safety of our students and to make sure that staff are present to provide supervision, please do not drop off students before 8am.


All walkers should enter through the front entrance.



Only essential visitors are permitted to enter the building. All other visitors will need to wait outside, and someone will come to the front door to provide assistance. 


Parents/Guardians only escort students inside school buildings when medically or emotionally necessary.


Brentwood Afterschool Program

Brentwood will be offering an afterschool program. This program will be offered by Raleigh Parks and Recreation. It will be 3:00 - 6:00 on the Brentwood campus. 


Sign Up:


Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols

Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols outlines our expectations for students to strictly follow our required health protocols when on our campuses, as well as possible consequences and processes to address non-compliance. Families and students are asked to complete and sign the acknowledgement page below and return it to your classroom teacher via paper copy or via email.


Parent Signature Page


Additional resources:


WCPSS Back to School 2020-21 Information for Families


Brentwood website